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1. New RDA Website Design - $2200

Cloth diapers are simple. Our website should be, too. A redesigned website. . .

  • will make the benefits of reusable cloth diapers clear,
  • will give advocates the support they need to spread the word about cloth diapers, and
  • will provide research-based guidance and clear channels of support for cloth diapering parents.

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2. Diaper Laundry Testing for Improved Recommendations - $1125

Want a final answer on how to handle yeast in your diapers? With your donations, we can complete studies to expand our research-based cloth diaper laundering instructions.

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3. Legal Advice to Create Charter Agreement for Circles - $5000

Who told YOU about cloth diapers? Volunteers grateful for having learned about cloth diapers are giving back by further spreading the word in their communities. A proper charter covering these Real Diaper Circles as chapters will improve funding for their critical local work.

Free Fundraising Thermometer

About your donation.

About your donation

The Board of Directors of the Real Diaper Association would like any donors to be aware that these donations are to the general funds of the organization. Every effort will be made to use these donations based on the donor’s preferences, however, they may be used for other purposes to support the mission of the organization, if necessary.





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RDA is an associate member of the Real Diaper Industry Association, a 501(c)(6) nonprofit trade association for the cloth diaper industry.

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