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About Washing Cloth Diapers

How do I prepare cloth diapers before I first use them?
  Wash your diapers when you receive them according to manufacturer instructions. Wash prefolds and inserts at least 3 times (no need to dry each time) to make them absorbent, but don’t wash them with your old diapers as the oils from the new could transfer to the old and make them repel liquid.

Can I wash all of my cloth diapers together?
  RDA cloth diaper washing instructions assume a mixture of fabric types.

For best results, separate fabrics. Use more water and less detergent to clean cotton and hemp. Use more detergent with artificial fibers, but still be sure to rinse thoroughly.

What if I'm still having trouble?
  If you are having trouble with your diapers, consult the manufacturer.

How can I clean my cloth diapers in the presence of a yeast infection?
  In an effort to provide proper, evidence-based recommendations for this problem, the Real Diaper Association has launched a scientic experiment. See Yeast and Cloth Diaper Laundry Experiment for more information.
See Basic Cloth Diaper Washing Guide for 5 easy steps to maximize clean and minimize impact.



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