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REAL DIAPER ASSOCIATION NEWS: Volume 8,  15 March 2005

Cloth Diapering in the News.  The Real Diaper Association is collecting cloth diapering on-line and off-line news stories.  Though cloth diapering news stories may often be few and far between, we intend to bring attention to them as an encouragement to newcomers and as an affirmation to those already using cloth diapers.   For instance, Jeanette Warnick, in a response to a disposable diaper drive in her area, wrote Another answer to diaper dilemma to the editor of the online edition of The Arizona Republic where she asserts that the "kind lady raising the money for [disposable] diapers...could teach the mothers how to use cloth ones instead." Do you have a news story to share with RDA?  Please email us with a link if it is an online article, or put it in the mail addressed to Real Diaper Association, ATTN: Cloth Diapering in the News, P.O. Box 156887, San Francisco, CA 94115.  We will give credit when it is posted.

Image Submissions.  We need images for our newsletters and website.  Most specifically, images of Real Diaper Circle Meetings or Local Advocates at work within their community.  Please send images that are in focus and in good color, contrast and composition.  RDA desires to show cloth diapering incorporated into everyday family life, however, pictures need not be limited to babies in diapers alone.  Read more ... 

Join RDA in our 2005 Earth Day Campaign, "Ask Me About Cloth Diapers."

Find out how you can be a part of the RDA 2005 Earth Day Campaign: "Ask Me About Cloth Diapers."

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  Cloth diapering advocacy sheets, cards, and quick tips for starting local projects can be downloaded here.

JOIN RDA and help us create the cultural shift towards the use of REAL DIAPERS!

Join RDA and help us create the cultural shift towards the use of REAL DIAPERS.

The RDA Seed Program Closes.  The RDA Seed Program was created in order to help Canadians create a Real Diaper Association in their country. RDA believes that local solutions are best, so instead of expanding RDA United States (RDA-US), we accepted the request from interested Canadian individuals and businesses to join and build their own RDA under our guidance. Although it was not anticipated that all Canadian members who joined would take it upon themselves to create the RDA-C (RDA - Canada) program, it was expected that some would. A period of 6 months was given for Canadians, on their own initiative, to create RDA-C, after which the program would be re-evaluated. This grace period has expired and upon evaluation, RDA is closing the Seed Program to better fulfill our mission.

The goal of RDA is to see more babies in cloth diapers. It is with much thought that we have limited our own scope to the U.S. because we want to concentrate on providing support for local members to find solutions, and we don't believe we could do this as well beyond national borders. We are appreciative, though, for those Canadians that did join, donating their annual dues to RDA. Those memberships (either individual or business) will retain their membership rights until they expire.

Volunteer Opportunity. Are you an enthusiastic person who would enjoy moderating our RDA Forums?  RDA is looking for individuals who are willing to support and encourage fellow cloth diapering advocates on our message board.  Contact us to volunteer.

RDA promotes cloth diapering, period. While the Real Diaper Association affirms that cloth diapers are a viable option for parents, we do not focus on raising awareness on any specific style or brand of diapers. RDA takes the stand that offering choices, educating locally and giving hands-on experience is a far better approach to introducing U.S. families to cloth diapering than to assert any type, style or brand. We appreciate the contributions of all our Business Members without bias and look forward to serving you in the joint cause to put more babies in cloth diapers.

Advocacy Postcard Inserts
    available for download now!Cloth Diapering Advocacy Tip: 
If you have not visited our newest Advocacy Page, please check-out one of our newest advocacy tools: postcards! Our Advocacy Cards are designed to print on one side only; when printed on cardstock, these advocacy cards are layed-out with 2 or 4 to a page and can be cut and used to mail or deliver short notes to friends or family. They make perfect, quick-and-easy advocacy pin-ups on local community bulletin boards, inserts into newsletters or packages for cloth diapering businesses. With some glue and a magnet, they can both remind you about your facts and hold up much needed lists or notices on your refrigerator or file cabinet. Remind yourself of quick facts when sharing cloth diapering within your community. Keep copies of the postcards in your diaper bag to give to expectant mothers. Four cards are now available, with more to follow. Print RDA Advocacy Postcards today.

Please note: Real Diaper Association has a change of address.  All correspondence should be directed to the following post office box.  Thank you.

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