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REAL DIAPER ASSOCIATION NEWS: Volume 7,  10 February 2005

RDA: Shaping the next generation of diapering parents.Shaping the next generation of diapering parents.  The Real Diaper Association believes that a cultural shift to increase the use of simple, reusable cloth diapers is the responsibility of today's parents and small businesses.  By acknowledging our impact on the earth and sharing the comfort and health aspects of cloth diapers with others, today's cloth diapering advocates play an important role in shaping the actions, and even traditions, of tomorrow's generation.  RDA encourages cloth diapering advocates to form local Real Diaper Circles to be the cloth diapering point of contact within their local communities.  These circles will serve to connect cloth diapering parents to the long history of cloth diapering.  Click here to join the Real Diaper Association or here to find out more on forming your own Real Diaper Circle.

Online Advocacy. As was stated in Volume 6 of the RDA Newsletter, many of the RDA goals have come to fruition in our last 6 months online, and many more are on the horizon.  One of our goals for 2005 is to explode across the world wide web with a strong advocacy presence toward the use of cloth diapers.

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 Increase the use of simple, reusable cloth diapers.
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JOIN RDA and help us create the cultural shift towards the use of REAL DIAPERS!

Join RDA and help us create the cultural shift towards the use of REAL DIAPERS!

In Volume 2 of the RDA E-Newsletter, we briefly touched on the intricacies of the Search Engine Crawl and its importance to RDA's online exposure.  Thank you to all who responded with text links and banners, both from business and personal sites.  Since then, RDA has created additional media to aid our members and readers toward online and off-line cloth diapering advocacy.

RDA requests the exposure your Business or Personal online presence can offer in two major ways:

Business and Individual Membership Seals are sent to display on business or personal sites, including the booming new industry of blogs.  These seals are only available to our Membership, and are sent via e-mail upon joining.  By displaying the seal, RDA Members are making a commitment to an activist stance on increasing the use of cloth diapers.  If you are a member and did not receive information on how to obtain your seal, please contact Heather.  If you are a member, have received information on how to obtain your seal, but are unsure how to add it to your html code on your site or blog, Heather can assist you with that as well.

Preferred Text Links have been designed with search engines in mind.  Although RDA welcomes any and all text-links, we have preferred text links to aid us in maximum keyword recognition in promoting our site online.  The text-links are coded to simply cut-and-paste into your html code.  We have noticed that several Business Members use our preferred text links on their Links Page, and then elsewhere link to RDA articles or our pamphlet downloads as an additional tool for their readers and customers.  Thank you for your role in supporting the Real Diaper Association online!

Exponential online growth will occur with your support. We welcome all new members and are encouraged by their support through the donation of their annual dues.  We particularly thank those who support us online by proudly displaying RDA seals, text links, and various other media available on the RDA site.

Advocacy Tip: 
Do you launder your clothing and/or baby's cloth diapers at a local coin-operated laundry facility?  Even if you launder at home, you are most likely familiar with where these facilities are in your area. A simple way to advocate cloth diapers in your community is to print out the pamphlets made available through RDA's website and tack them up on the bulletin board in local coin-operated laundry facilities.  As individuals wait for their laundry to dry, they often read these boards, and could be encouraged to consider cloth diapering by health issues, environmental concerns, cost, or any other number of reasons.  If you desire, write (or print out) your contact information on the pamphlets you put up.  In this way, you can serve as the local cloth diapering point of contact for your community.

A Special Thank You.  RDA wishes to express our heartfelt thanks to Rose Bloomberg-Rissman who has stepped away from RDA to concentrate full-time on graduate school.

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