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Happy New Year!

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Thank you for subscribing to our e-newsletter and for supporting the Real Diaper Association during 2004. We look forward to big growth in 2005. RDA exists for you, the members, so please consider what you can do to help us promote cloth diapering in the coming year. In this newsletter, we have a few ideas of where you can start.

The Year in Review:

This year, on August 11th, RDA opened its doors. Since then, we have become a nonprofit public benefit corporation, we have nominated a board, adopted bylaws, and most importantly, we have gained 130 members! We have trained five Real Diaper Circle Leaders, with over 75 potential Leaders still in training.

RDA has already connected with hundreds of parents, looking for ways to promote the use of cloth diapers. We have created downloadable pamphlets. We have built forums to help local cloth diaper users and advocates find each other. We are constantly brainstorming ways for RDA to grow and improve. If you have ideas, please email Heather.

Goals for the New Year:

We have set several major goals for 2005. Please join RDA and help us! After each goal is a suggested way for you to help. If you can volunteer to help RDA with a skill or idea not listed here, please email Heather.

Tax Exempt Status. We are in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. We are currently working with our lawyer to achieve this, and will submit our application very soon. To this end, we have elected our board of directors and had our first corporate meeting, during which we adopted organizational bylaws. We are proud of what we have accomplished thus far and look forward to attaining tax-exempt status.

How can you help? Join! We use every membership dollar to the best of our ability, and right now, membership donations help pay the fee for RDA’s application for tax-exempt status. Once we have tax-exempt status, your donations will be tax deductible.

There are several needs within our community.  That means Volunteer Opportunities for you!  Please go here to read more.

RDA has several Volunteer Opportunities.  Please read here and lend your expertise!

RDA is planting sees to help other countries begin their own Real Diaper Association!

RDA is planting seeds to help other countries begin their own Real Diaper Association. Go here to read more.

JOIN RDA and help us create the cultural shift towards the use of REAL DIAPERS!

Join RDA and help us create the cultural shift towards the use of REAL DIAPERS!

Active Real Diaper Circles. By the end of 2005, we would like to have at least 15 active Real Diaper Circles. Our first active Circle meeting took place on January 8th in Washington State. The next active Circle, growing in Maine, had its preliminary meeting on January 18th. For more information on either of these Circles, please email Lori. We would like to thank all of our members who are in the process of becoming Real Diaper Circle Leaders and encourage them to reach out to those who need to know about cloth diapering. If you are interested in leading a Real Diaper Circle, please click here.

How can you help? Become a leader or join a Circle! To find a Circle, take a look at our forums to see if others in your area have a similar expressed interest, or email Lori.

Paid Employee. We here at the Real Diaper Association have been working very hard at building this organization. However, we all have other jobs and commitments that limit the time and energy we can dedicate to this cause. We have big dreams for RDA, and to achieve those dreams we are planning to hire a full-time, paid employee, who will focus on cloth diapering education and advocacy and the needs of RDA Circles and members. To this end, we are currently looking for grants and other funding opportunities.

How can you help? If you are aware of any funding opportunities that we may want to look into, please contact Angelique.

Distribute the Quarterly. Our volunteer editor has been working hard to produce our quarterly publication, which will be mailed out to all members who have joined at the Basic Membership Level or above. This will be distributed as soon as possible.

How can you help? Join at the Basic Membership Level to receive your quarterly and, then sit back and wait for it in your mailbox! Please know that we are working on it as quickly as we can.

Celebrate Earth Day. Many people use cloth diapering because of the lower impact on the environment. We plan to launch an educational campaign for Earth Day this coming April.

How can you help? Do you have any ideas or thoughts about our big campaign? Please contact Lori.

Again, thank you for your support in 2004. Right now, in 2005, there are ways that you can make a difference. Join an active Circle (they are growing in Washington, Maine, New York City, and Iowa), volunteer with RDA, and tell your friends about cloth diapering. Remember, you are a cloth diaper expert. New parents, health professionals, and others can use your help. Together we can change the world one baby at a time.

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