RDA is sponsoring an ongoing Real Diaper Giveaway, where members nominate families who need cloth diapers. 


Who Knows about Cloth Diapers?  When you first consider cloth diapers, you need a mentor. Many of us find neighbors, friends, or online support to answer our questions and encourage us. These supporters are usually our peers.

But how did mothers learn to cloth diaper their new babies in the past? They didnít reinvent diapers with each child and every generation. They passed on the knowledge from Grandmother to Mother to Daughter.

So, who knows about cloth diapers?  Your grandmother should know.

RDA is sponsoring a year-long project called Your Grandmother Should Know, collecting interviews and oral histories from our grandmothers, mothers, and any older friend who remembers how cloth diapering used to be done. We encourage our members to participate by recording interviews, which we will then collect into one archive.

During the first year we will all do interviews. During the second year, we will make those interviews usable for RDA educational materials and for a larger oral history of cloth diapers.

We donít believe knowledge of cloth diapers was ever lost. Some of the most interesting information available is right there in front of you. Ask your grandmother about cloth diapers, then share what you find with us.

To read more about the project, please see our website and read the 36-page Project Guidelines. If you are a member of RDA, we would be happy to send you a printed copy of the Guidelines free of charge. Please email us a request including your RDA member ID.



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Why We Choose Cloth.  Upon joining, RDA members are asked to respond to "Why I Choose Cloth." 

Business Member ∑ Shayla Boyd-Gill, owner of Alyahs Alternatives wrote:

"I chose cloth diapers out of a great need to find a healthier alternative to disposables. My son suffered from skin allergies that were irritated by the chemicals in disposable diapers.  I took the time to research cloth diapers 9 years ago. All three of my children have exclusively worn cloth diapers."

Individual Member ∑ Ann Maclean, wrote:

"I have been living in Scotland, where the Real Nappy Network is very strong. I was introduced to real nappies during Real Nappy Week over here and have not used one disposable since that day! I have done hours of research and only become more and more passionate about cloth nappies/diapers every day. 

Since I am returning to the States, I am eager to get the same fire lit in my area of Washington DC/northern VA! I am sad that it does not seem to be as mainstream in the States as it is in the UK. It is our duty to change that!"

ĽĽ Read more testimonials.

Share Your Story. Spreading the word about cloth diapers is simple.  You do not have to sell cloth diapering products, write articles, or lobby local government.  If you are a parent of a cloth diapered child, YOU are an expert. 

RDA wants to hear YOUR story.  When and where have you shared about cloth diapers?  At a parent group, at church, in line at the grocery store, at a changing station or a park?  How about at a folk dance in Chicago, IL?  Marie DiCocco  of PM Organics was wearing her RDA Tank when she was approached with the question, "So, I should ask you about cloth diapers?"  Seizing the opportunity, Marie proceeded to talk about RDA and our goal to get more babies in cloth diapers.  What's your story?  Write to and let us know!


The RDA has had a strict no-advertising policy until May of 2006.  It was then that we realized we could accept advertising as a means to further our mission.  You might have noticed the TOP and SIDE banners running at RDA and RDEvents; if not, take a look!  Want to advertise your business?  GREAT!  100% of your received advertising monies will be used towards the Real Diaper Giveaway! 

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Cloth Diapering Advocacy Tip #11: 
Do you work with radio or know someone who does?  Record a Public Service Announcement (PSA) about cloth diapers and cloth diapering.  If possible, be available at the station to respond to local phone calls from listeners.  Many radio stations now have live internet stream that extends beyond their local coverage area. 

The FIRST Real Diaper Circle in Everett, Washington now has a weekly mid-day time slot on KSER 90.7FM for their Public Service Announcement.  Read about it here.

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