The RDA understands your need to connect with other likeminded cloth diapering activists and advocates!  Our answer?  LET THE MEMBERS BLOG!  www.realdiaperevents.org 


Real Diaper Events.  When RDA established a program to cultivate local cloth diapering leaders through the Real Diaper Circle Leader training program, we knew it was one of the first steps to help YOU educate about cloth diapers in your local community.  As the idea and interest for Real Diaper Circles has grown, RDA wanted to extend yet another venue to talk and learn about cloth diapers. At www.realdiaperevents.org current RDA Members can connect with online cloth diaper users both inside and way beyond the boundaries of their local communities.

WHAT IS A BLOG?  For those not familiar with the word 'blog' - a blog is a web log; an online, interactive journal where likeminded community members can come post (enter information and submit it for online publication) and comment (enter a response to a post, submitting it for online publication) on our main subject matter, cloth diapers. 

RDA considers the  www.realdiaperevents.org blog to be a natural, yet dynamic extension of its main website, www.realdiaperassociation.org

Categories for posting include:

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Why We Choose Cloth.  Upon joining, RDA members are asked to respond to "Why I Choose Cloth." 

Business Member · Christy Perce, owner of Maine Cloth Diaper Company wrote:

"I began cloth diapering because I wanted the best for my children and the environment. We were on a tight budget and I was tired of throwing away money and diapers, it seemed like the obvious choice. It didn't take long before I was hooked. Also, once I started cloth diapering and realized the chemicals that are in disposables, I was so glad I made this healthier choice for my children."

Business Member · Tamara Sanders, owner of Cash For Diapers wrote:

"I am a single mom with a limited income. I knew cloth diapers were cheaper. then in the process of looking for them I received valued info. Had I known this with my other children I would have used cloth then."

Individual Member · Melanie Vonfange, wrote: "Because it is better for the environment, my pocket book and my baby!"

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Advertising Opportunity. Up until now, the Real Diaper Association has refused to sell advertising.  However, we discovered a way to accept advertising to further our mission to spread the use of cloth diapers.  If you haven't already noticed the TOP 468x60 or SIDE 120x60 banners at RDA and RDEvents, take a look!  Want to advertise your business?  GREAT!  100% of your received advertising monies will be used towards the Real Diaper Giveaway!  Advertising rates here.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO?!  RDA receives and answers emails daily concerning cloth diapers and cloth diapering.  Recently we received a request from a member about what to do with the disposable diapers she received as free samples in her mail.  This member did not want to use them, save them or give them away, but at the same time she did not want to discard them either. 

RDA wants to know what YOU would do - or what you HAVE done - when you received free samples of disposable diapers in your mailbox.  All responses will be reviewed for publication in an upcoming quarterly.  Please send all responses to publications@realdiaperassociation.org, including your full name, contact email, and if an RDA Business Member, your website URL.


My name is Claire Kimball.  I'm a Community Health Perinatal Worker at a clinic that serves uninsured and Medi-Cal patients.  I work with the prenatal program of mostly very low to no income women.  We get all sorts of donations of disposable diapers and I want to see about possibly changing this and getting cloth diapers to be available to women.

Do you know of any place where I can get free/donated or cheap cloth diapers?

Thank you,

If you can provide assistance, please contact Claire at the following email address:


Cloth Diapering Advocacy Tip #10: 
Create a cloth diapering cake from prefolds, flats, or fitted cloth diapers.  Cloth Diaper Cakes make an interesting and conversation-provoking center piece at baby showers or in hospital rooms!  Make one for a new or expectant mother.  Be ready to demonstrate how to use the cloth diapers - bring a few extra so you don't have to break down the cloth diaper cake for your demonstration.  Create your own Cloth Diaper Cake with these simple FREE instructions.  If you Google cloth diaper cakes you will find a variety of instructions and/or online cloth diaper stores that offer a variety of different cloth diaper cakes.

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