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REAL DIAPER ASSOCIATION NEWS: Volume 18,  26 February 2006

Cloth Diaper Drive!  RDA is thrilled to announce the first annual Cloth Diaper Drive organized by Miracle Diapers. The drive will run for the entire month of March. DisposableMiracle Diapers Cloth Diaper Drive diaper drives are held all over the US to help families in poverty, but Ruth Buchholz of Miracle Diapers does not feel that is the solution for her community; it only adds to the problem.

"Our goal is not just to provide the start up of cloth diapers to low income families, but to offer education on why cloth diapers are a better choice."

Miracle Diapers started in February, 2005. One year later, with the help of many donors, they have helped to diaper over 100 babies in cloth. Now Miracle Diapers is expanding; currently there are 3 chapters nationwide, all working together to help cloth diaper the world!

"To keep up with our growing need, we hope to inspire hundreds of people to donate to Miracle Diapers."

Though they accept donations throughout the year, during the month of March the goal is to bring in as many donations as possible. For added incentive during the month of March, each donor will qualify for several random prize drawings! For more information and rules, visit their website at:

Pin on a Fashionable Diaper

  "I couldn't justify spending that much on diapers that I was going to throw out"



"Why Choose Cloth Diapers?"
Cloth diapering advocacy for kids!

Why We Choose Cloth.  Upon joining, RDA members are asked to respond to "Why I Choose Cloth." 

Business Member · Kristine Higginbotham, owner of The Natural Life Store wrote:

"I want the very best for our children and the earth. I learned about the health risks associated with disposable diapers and decided right away that I would be cloth diapering my children. I also know I am doing something important for the environment. I believe it is our responsibility as parents to leave the earth as healthy as possible for our children and our children's children and so on. "

"Saving our earth is so important for future generations. I can not believe anyone would have a child without doing everything possible to give them a healthy life and a safe environment. "

Individual Member · Amy Norquist wrote:

"They seem better for the environment after seeing a garbage dump and all the diapers there. We feel we are benefiting economically compared to buying disposable diapers each week. Our child has had very minimal diaper rashes and most times they have occurred after she has worn disposable diapers."
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Cloth Diapering Advocacy Tip #9: 
In our Cloth Diaper Advocacy Tip #8, we discussed giving cloth diapering presentations at your local midwifery school.  This type of advocacy can be taken into local hospitals, parenting groups, your local church or community ladies' groups, co-ops, and home school meetings, for some more examples.

Taking it one step further, you can create a 'calling card' with contact information and hand it out to expectant parents or to families you know in your neighborhood.  Don't have time or the ability to create a calling card?  Use one of our Cloth Diapering Advocacy Postcards and write your name and contact information on the back.  Be available for in-house cloth diapering lessons once a new baby is born.  Be your community's Cloth Diapering 'Go-To' person - making yourself available for follow-up questions and answers once baby is home.

Please note: Real Diaper Association accepts personal and business checks for tax-deductible donations or annual dues payments.  Please send checks to the following Real Diaper Association post office box.  Thank you.

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