REAL DIAPER ASSOCIATION NEWS: Volume 17,  21 December 2005

Happy Holidays from Real Diaper Association.  This holiday season RDA wants to remind you there are many ways you can support cloth diapering advocacy in the spirit of the season.  Perhaps you have stored your child's cloth diapers and can pull them out, clean them up and give them to a friend or relative who may not be able to afford the initial investment in cloth diapers otherwise.

Do you have company coming in for the holidays?  Prepare a fun project day for the kids, sharing with them why they should choose cloth diapers!  Pull out your well worn flannel baby blankets, or if you don't have any, purchase some festive red, green and white baby flannel and teach your children, nieces, nephews, or friends' children how to sew cloth diapers for their baby dolls or teddy bears; then show them how to fold cloth diapers and put them on!  What better way to get our children's minds wrapped around the idea of using cloth diapers.

Real Diapers.  Real Babies.  You know that real babies should wear real diapers, but do you have a shirt that says it?  Don't forget that RDA offers cloth diapering advocacy apparel through cafepress!

This season give the gift of cloth and help RDA business members change the world one baby at a time!

The Real Diaper Association knows that YOU are the EXPERT!  RDA needs YOU to help grow the organization!

The greatest ways to actively care is to share. Download cloth diapering advocacy sheets, cards, and tips.

Please note: Real Diaper Association accepts personal and business checks for donations or annual dues payments.  Please send checks to the following Real Diaper Association post office box.  Thank you.

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