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REAL DIAPER ASSOCIATION NEWS: Volume 16,  21 November 2005

Let Them Sew Diapers!  In the Fall 2005 Real Diaper News, Angelique Mullen gave our members some hands on tips on sewing a cloth diaper.  On November 19, 2005, The Real Diaper Sewing Circle in Everett, Washington met for the second time.  "We had 6 machines humming along, babies in slings while sewing, serging examples and crocheting examples. Covers with velcro and snaps were assembled, and even some wipes."  View more pictures. 

The internet is rich with resources for sewing your own cloth diapers.  Below you will find just a few links for simple cloth diaper sewing directions.  Start your own cloth diapering sewing group and don't forget to send us pictures!

· Sew Your Own Diapers
· Diaper Sewing Tutorials
· Making Contour Diapers from Prefolds

Article Submissions.  As part of our member-supported resource center, Real Diaper Association is building a library of online articles relating to cloth diapers. We will accept articles consistent with our mission. We are also interested in member submitted articles for the RDA Quarterly.

Go here to read about what types of articles to submit, as well as the article submission guidelines.

Sustainable Alternatives

  "No one is suggesting reusable toilet paper, but it is easy enough to revert to things like hankies and cloth diapers."


Wanna talk cloth?  Check out your recommendations for online Cloth Diapering Forums.

Why We Choose Cloth.  Upon joining, RDA members are asked to respond to "Why I Choose Cloth." 

Business Member · Jennifer Moore Temple , owner of Buzzi Bee Diapers wrote:

"Choosing cloth is the best way to model responsible decision making for my children. I consider the fact that they potty trained so early my reward!"

Individual Member · Christina Neff wrote:

"I chose cloth for the same reason that I chose home birth and breast feeding: because it is best for my baby, best for me, and best for the planet. It gives my child a healthy and conscientious start in life. It helps to lay the foundation for raising a socially and environmentally concious human being, which I believe to be my responsibility as a parent.

The tales you'll hear of all the extra work are just a throw back from the days of gauze diapers and rubber pants. Modern cloth diapering options make it as easy as disposables! I am a single mom, working both in and out of the home, and practicing attachment parenting. If I have the time, than anyone could. It is just ONE extra load to wash every few days. And I must say, there is no household task as enjoyable as pulling the fresh, clean diapers from the drier or line to fold."
  Read more testimonials.

Real Nappy Picture Request: RDA has been approached by a picture researcher for a publisher in UK. They are currently working on a series of books called "Sustainable Futures" for Evans Brothers Publishing. The series focuses on current environmental issues and is aimed at primary school children. One of the case-studies, in the book on Waste, looks at the differences between disposable and natural nappies and the effects they have on the environment. They would like to feature some pictures of natural nappies and were hoping our members might be able to assist with this request.

If you want to be a part of this project, and have original high-resolution (300dpi or more) copies, please contact RDA and we will forward the contact information.

Cloth Diapering Advocacy Tip #8: 
Amanda Geaney  from Eagle River, Alaska wrote, "We are in the military and the base hospital has a mandatory OB Orientation briefing for new mothers before they can make their first prenatal appointment. It would be nice to have writing pens, magnets, baby bottles, pacifier clips, or other trinkets with your slogan on them to add to the goody bags that the hospital hands out. Another idea would be window clings or bumper stickers for members to put on their vehicles."

WE AGREE that a more extensive line of RDA approved cloth diapering advocacy tools would assist in spreading the word, and RDA needs some volunteer talent to make it happen!  If you have experience as a Print Media Designer and would like to take up the cause of cloth diapering advocacy, please consider volunteering with Real Diaper Association!  Check out our other RDA Advocacy Tips.

Please note: Real Diaper Association accepts personal and business checks for tax-deductible donations or annual dues payments.  Please send checks to the following Real Diaper Association post office box.  Thank you.

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