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REAL DIAPER ASSOCIATION NEWS: Volume 15,  15 October 2005

Traveling With Cloth Diapers.  Many cloth diapering families take their cloth diapering convictions to the road.  In the October 2005 edition of the RDA Quarterly you will read about how one family managed cloth diapers while on vacation.  For our next RDA Quarterly we want to hear from our membership.  Contact us with your personal stories and cloth diapering tips for travel. 

CLOTH DIAPERING DISCUSSION FORUMS:  RDA has replaced its discussion forums with our new Cloth Diapering Discussion Forums resource page. Across the world wide web, cloth diapering forums are emerging for the purpose of sharing and receiving cloth diapering information.  Individuals and business owners alike relay their own personal experiences, preferences and knowledge with other likeminded or interested community members. 

Please help RDA grow our Cloth Diapering Forum resource. If you are involved in a cloth diapering discussion community that we have not listed,  email us with a link.

Its a dirty job, but somebody wants to do it.
  "Home diaper service, in which fresh cloth diapers are delivered weekly, has in most cases gone the way of the milkman and the afternoon home-delivered newspaper."

Now is the time to join RDA and change the world one baby at a time.

Why We Choose Cloth.  Upon joining, RDA members are asked to respond to "Why I Choose Cloth." 

Business Member, Heather Tremblay, owner of Snoogie Snaps wrote:
"With my first child, I used cloth only part-time. At the time he was born (12 years ago now), the only options for cloth diapering at retail stores drove me to the paper aisle very quickly. A narrow selection of moderate-to-inferior quality cloth diapering products at my local baby chain retail store discouraged any thought of full-time cloth diapering for me. I only wish I had known what I know now, which is that not only would I have saved a TON of money by using cloth exclusively, but the environmental effects of my choice would have been so much more positive.

My full-time cloth diapered daughter Simone, has added greatly to the joy my son Garrett already brings to my life, and I have been given a renewed inspiration to try harder in areas of environmental health -- I want the world to be a clean place for both of my children to live in as they grow up -- and for their children, too! "

Individual Member, Heidi Adams wrote:
"When I was pregnant, the thought of putting my precious baby in disposables made me cringe. I hated the thought of having him in unbreathable plastic pants that are filled with toxic chemicals. Using cloth not only seemed common sensical, it looked like it may actually be fun. And, here we are 14 months later very happy with our decision and having fun, yes fun, during some diaper changes! "  Read more testimonials

Cloth Diapering Advocacy Tip #7: 
Speak with your local hospital's birth educator or request to give a cloth diapering presentation at your local midwifery school. These suggestions come from Individual Member, Cynthia Thompson, who is putting together a 'suitcase' resource kit with diaper samples and literature that can easily be used for cloth diapering presentations. Cynthia is also developing a curriculum for a diaper sewing workshop.

Here's a tip from Lori Taylor for reproducing diaper patterns at local meetings. "To create a pattern for the diaper sewing meeting, cut one pattern from heavy card. If you bring butcher paper or even other sheets of cardboard, each person could quickly trace around the first pattern and cut out their own pattern to use and take home. It would probably only take about 5 minutes per person, and the labor is spread out among the group. Or everyone could take turns with the same cardboard pattern"  Look for other RDA Advocacy Tips.

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