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REAL DIAPER ASSOCIATION NEWS: Volume 14,  15 September 2005

Cloth Diapers Collected for Hurricane Katrina. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we have been encouraged to see communities come together to meet the needs of those affected.  In the city of Clayton, North Carolina, residents rush to offer hurricane relief. The Clayton News-Star reported on a church-wide effort to collect cloth diapers, as well as other items, for layette kits being sent to the Gulf Coast.

If you would like to start a similar effort in your community, the layette kits include: six cloth diapers, two diaper pins, two shirts or two one-piece body suits, one sweater (open in front), two baby washcloths, two receiving blankets and two nightgowns or sleepers. The items are bundled together inside the receiving blanket and secured with the diaper pins.

Oddly Enough News
August 18, 2005
BERLIN (Reuters)
Diaper sparks bomb alert.   An "electronic nappy" used to monitor wetness sparked a bomb alert in a German post office when it arrived in a parcel ticking suspiciously, police in the southwestern city of Heilbronn said, Thursday.

Now is the time to join RDA and be a part of getting more babies in cloth diapers!

SPREAD THE CLOTH DIAPER BUZZ:  Do you have an unexplainable enthusiasm for cloth diapers?  RDA Members actively talk to their online business lists, public forums, and natural parenting groups about cloth diapers. Join us in sharing the cloth diaper resources available on RDA media and advocacy pages, like pamphlets, buttons and banners. Volunteer to spread the RDA buzz.

Why We Choose Cloth.  Upon joining, RDA members are asked to respond to "Why I Choose Cloth."  Business Members, Nikki Burns & Heidi Guthrie, owners of GranolaMamas wrote:

"I come from a heritage of natural parenting. My mom and sister had their kids at home; my mom cloth diapered all six of us kids while working full-time from home, my sister cloth diapered both of her kids as well. I thought everyone had a family bed, breast-fed, and practiced 'attachment parenting'. When it was my turn, I was so excited by how far the industry had come. Needless to say, I had plenty of support and encouragement when my 8lb 8oz bundle of joy was born at home in the summer of 2002. Being able to give my daughter the best start in life has brought happiness and fulfillment to my life. "

Individual Member, Maureen Carr wrote:
"First and foremost cloth diapering is the right thing to do. It's healthier for babies and it's healthier for the planet. Additionally, cloth diapering saves money and I'm sure that if my daughter could speak, she'd tell you that cloth diapers are so much more comfortable than wearing paper and plastic!"  Read more testimonials

Gift Memberships.  Do you know a cloth diapering business owner or individual who would enjoy a one year gift membership with RDA?  As you renew your membership, consider gifting a membership to someone else.

Cloth Diapering Advocacy Tip #6: 
Brenda Wells of Sunshine Diapers sent this cloth diapering advocacy tip. "The more of our sites that add links to the RDA, the higher the RDA site will climb in Google and other search engine rankings when someone is searching for cloth diaper information."  It is true that search engine rankings are directly affected by link popularity.  What is link popularity?  Link popularity is basically a score given by search engines based on how many related, external sites link to any particular website.  By linking to RDA, you are telling the search engines that RDA is a high quality site with relevant information.  Linking to the RDA website is easy.  Visit our media page for simple cut and paste text and image links and show the search engines that RDA has external approval from sites that matter.

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