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REAL DIAPER ASSOCIATION NEWS: Volume 11,  15 June 2005

"Ask Me About Cloth Diapers" Earth Day and Beyond.  The April 2005 Earth Day Campaign found cloth diapering advocates proudly wearing their "Ask Me..." buttons and other cloth diapering advocacy gear, sharing diaper facts by distributing educational pamphlets, and planning orA dad takes a break to change a diaper at a local Gainesville cloth diaper advocacy picnic meeting. attending Earth Day events.  If you haven't already, please email us your Earth Day advocacy story.

The self-proclaimed 'Diaper Lady' and owner of Sunshine Diapers, Brenda Wells held a cloth diaper picnic meeting in Gainesville, Florida.  The picnic had a great turn-out with 15 families and 2 midwives in attendance.   Brenda let us know that there is a great deal of advocacy and activism going on in Gainesville.  "One of them made a brochure that she hands out [at a local birth center], two have been making presentations to the midwives, and one convinced a woman shopping for her sister in Target ® to send her sister to me, and she came by!"   Brenda invited the local radio station and a video cameraman/producer to attend the meeting and is working on an instructional cloth diapering DVD/video press kit.

Go here for more information on how you can create your own "Ask Me About Cloth Diapers" Advocacy campaign/event in your local community.
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Join RDA and help us create the cultural shift towards the use of REAL DIAPERS.

Cloth Diapering in the News.  The Real Diaper Association has collected and made available links to cloth diapering on-line news stories on our Cloth Diapering in the News page.   Read the article, The Diaper Debate: Are Disposables as Green as Cloth?, where reporter Amanda Onion sought out RDA for information on this May 26, 2005 article.

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Non-Affiliation Statement.  It has been brought to our attention by an RDA member that a commercial store outside the U.S. is using the Real Diaper name.  The Real Diaper Association is not affiliated with this store. We are a non-profit organization with a mission to increase the use of simple, reusable cloth diapers by planning campaigns, training organizers, distributing educational information, and supporting local groups. You can read our ‘statement of no bias’ in the REAL DIAPER ASSOCIATION NEWS: Volume 8.

We were, in fact, very disappointed when this previous RDA business member decided to rename her store using the name associated with our organization. We have filed an application for protection of the RDA service mark; at this time we have decided not to pursue legal action.

Tax-Exempt Paperwork Filed.  We are happy to announce that the 501 (c)3 tax-exempt papers have been completed, reviewed, and filed with the state of California. The lawyer representing RDA has made it clear that IRS approval can take up to 6 months or more; we will keep you informed on the status. Because we are a new non-profit corporation with few assets, we do not expect a delayed response.

Real Nappy Week.  The Women's Environmental Network in the UK is sponsoring Real Nappy Week, June 20-26. Local nappy (diaper) supporters are encouraged to create mountains of waste next to a pile of neatly folded diapers to create a strong image for a national photo call. Real Diaper Association extends our encouragement for Real Nappy Week and other work in support of cloth diapering throughout the world.

Volunteer Opportunity. Are you an enthusiastic person who would enjoy moderating our RDA Forums?  RDA is looking for individuals who are willing to support and encourage fellow cloth diapering advocates on our message board.  Contact us to volunteer.

Write a letter!Cloth Diapering Advocacy Tip #3: 
Danielle Whittaker, a cloth diaper advocate and RDA Leader in Antioch Tennessee, wrote to us about her plan of action.  She is writing letters to her state and county commissioners regarding the use of cloth diapers in day care facilities.  She has discovered that the local day cares in her area prefer not to use cloth diapers based on a 'no hands policy' presented by DHS (Department of Health Services).  Danielle says, "I am looking to make leeway in how cloth diapers can abide in this policy and present no additional hassle."  She is sending letters to local hospitals to set up informational sessions in lamaze and Bradley child birth classes. In addition, she is sending letters to local environmental agencies and national child care organizations to garner support.

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