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Welcome to the Real Diaper Association newsletter!  We have opened our doors today.  I am so glad that you have joined us, and I hope that you will help us achieve our goals.  Visit our website and look around:The goal of the Real Diaper Association is to put more U.S. babies in cloth diapers. 

What are we about?  Our mission statement defines who we are and what we hope to achieve.
The Real Diaper Association is a collective non-profit organization in which parents and small businesses take the lead in creating a cultural shift to increase the use of simple, reusable cloth diapers. We connect current cloth diapering parents to the long history of cloth diapering. Cloth diapers are real diapers. The Association organizes local advocates and activists for cloth diapers through a member-supported resource center which plans campaigns, trains organizers, distributes educational information, supports local groups, and connects users to the U.S. Cloth Diaper industry. Local Real Diaper Circles reach users face-to-face with knowledge and tools to make cloth diapering accessible and acceptable to U.S. parents, who have the power to change the world one baby at a time.
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Real Diaper Circle Leaders plan and carry out local recruitment and advocacy with Circle Members.

What are we planning?
We will increase cloth diaper use in the U.S.  How?  One of our main goals is to move the discussion of cloth diapers from the internet into face-to-face communication. To achieve this we have created Real Diaper Circles, groups that will meet monthly to discuss cloth diapering, share diapers and diapering tips, and plan ways to spread cloth diapering locally. If you are interested in leading a Real Diaper Circle, please visit this page. We also plan national meetings each year, so cloth diapering parents and businesses can come together in person to learn and celebrate.

What do we envision?
We envision parents who use cloth diapers teaching others how to use them. We envision a country where cloth diapers are considered real diapers.  We envision celebrating and teaching others the history of real diapers. We envision the Real Diaper Association with thousands of members, all committed to creating a cultural shift towards the use of cloth diapers.

Who is behind the Real Diaper Association?
Rose Bloomberg-Rissman - Executive Director
Angelique Mullen - Researcher and Writer
Heather L. Sanders - Webmaster and Membership
Lori Taylor - President
Jessica Wiseman - Designer

How did the Real Diaper Association come to be?
Here is a brief version of our story, which can also be found on our website.
Lori Taylor.  In 2000, Lori began collecting information and planning a cloth diaper advocacy organization.
Jessica Wiseman.  After their participation in an extended public conversation about the necessity for diaper education, Lori approached Jessica in 2002 to join her in planning what they provisionally called "the real diaper association," after the UK Real Nappy Association.
Heather Sanders.  By 2003, Jessica and Lori recognized that Heather was a tireless cloth diapering advocate who would be an excellent addition to the team. 
Angelique Mullen.  Heather, Jessica and Lori kept eyes and ears open to find other vocal cloth diaper advocates.  After reading an article by Heather, Angelique had reached out to grow a national organization, so they invited her along in 2004.
Rose Bloomberg-Rissman.  The team of founders was complete by mid-2004 when Rose, the gem of all organizing gems, brought her abundance of expertise and time to the group.
Thank you very much for joining us on this exciting journey.  Together we can change diapering in the United States!
Rose Bloomberg-Rissman
Executive Director


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