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Two years online! This past year we launched three big programs: our annual educational campaign, Your Grandmother Should Know; Real Diaper Events, a blog where you can announce local events; and Real Diaper Giveaway. We field media enquiries about diapers, train Real Diaper Circle Leaders, and publish resources for members.

We realize that, as a volunteer organization, Real Diaper Association IS what active volunteers DO. Four busy mothers volunteer to keep the central organization running. A quick tally shows about 967 hours logged this year, and that does not count hours spent by Leaders and other volunteers. The previous year, organizers spent more than twice that with RDA, but we were too close to burn out. We made RDA a lean, mean diaper advocating machine. Our #1 rule is: family and business first. Would you like RDA to be more? Then help! Our #2 rule is, if it's your idea, then do it. Bring your ideas, and make them real.

Today starts Year Three. We have ambitious plans for this year. Are you going to the Green Festival in Washington, DC? Look for RDA there. With Mothering Magazine, we are creating a diaper changing and nursing area for parents. Along with cloth diaper vendors, including RDA business member Karen Amidon of Green Mountain Diapers, we will hold hands-on demonstrations for festival attendees. Your Grandmother Should Know, an oral history project, will continue through Spring. Organizers will focus this year on media outreach, fundraising, web development, and volunteers.



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Is there another cloth diaper issue you want RDA to address? Join us. Address that issue through RDA. Lend your experience and expertise to put more babies in cloth diapers. Contact Lori if you have a volunteer idea, or check out other volunteer opportunities.

Why We Choose Cloth.  Upon joining, RDA members are asked to respond to "Why I Choose Cloth." 

Business Member · Kathy Williams, owner of Baby's Abode in Florida, wrote:

"When my older son was approaching his first birthday, I had a wake up call. I was in the local drug store purchasing baby wipes. All the wipes claimed to be safe for baby. 'For Sensitive Skin!'; 'Alcohol-free'; 'Extra Gentle.' I was confused. Why were they trying to *convince* me that a baby product was safe for baby? What was in these wipes.? So, I started using reusable cloth wipes. And I started thinking, if wipes are questionable; then disposable diapers are also. So I switched to cloth diapers.

"No more hunting for the cheapest price for diapers, clipping diaper coupons or mad dashes to drugstore to replenish the disposable supply. I was free! With the switch to cloth diapers, when the supply runs low, I throw the diapers in the washer before dinner. Then, into the dryer before bed. And like magic, a fresh supply of diapers in the morning!"

Individual Member · Kayce Bailey, wrote:

"It just makes sense! It coincides with recycling and composting and everything we do to live greener and to save money for our family. We, personally, are a single income family by choice and not because we can afford to be so by saving money and helping the environment to better the lives of our children and grandchildren is reason enough for us."

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Publicize Your Products. Are you looking for a bigger audience? Would you like to target green buyers? Send a sample of your product for display in the Real Diaper Association diaper changing area at the Green Festival in Washington, DC, October 14-15. Include cloth diapers, covers, or other diapering accessories. There is no limit to the number of samples accepted. If you include business cards with the samples, we will attach these to the item so festival goers can take a card when they like what they see and feel. You are welcome to include other information also, such as a brochure or catalogue. All samples will be kept by RDA and circulated among Real Diaper Circles as a trunk show. This publicity gift will keep on giving. For more information, please contact Lori or send products and lit. to RDA Board member Marie DiCocco at PO Box 31281, Alexandria, Virginia 22310. Submissions from RDA business members only.

Cloth Diapering Advocacy Tip #13: 
Do you really like to talk about cloth diapers? Are people always asking your advice on how to start, how to wash diapers, or what to do in a diaper crisis? If so, then you may be a local expert. Share what you know. How about setting up a local cloth diaper hot line on your cell phone. You can publicize available hours or just return calls at your convenience.

Do you have more ideas for Advocacy Tips? Tell us all about it.

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