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Real Diaper Association Issues Report on Cloth Diaper Co-ops - February 24, 2014.

Today, the nonprofit Real Diaper Association issued a much-anticipated report investigating the impacts of cloth diaper co-ops on long-term cloth diapering practices in the United States and Canada. Following an increase in the number of cloth diaper imports flooding the market through online co-ops, the report investigates whether cloth diaper co-ops are legal, ethical, and sustainable and includes practical information for the cloth diaper business owner, co-op managers, and cloth diaper consumers.

“We’ve long supported families in saving money by using reusable cloth diapers, regardless of style or brand,” says Heather McNamara, Executive Director of the Real Diaper Association. “However, our research indicates that illegal cloth diaper co-ops put the long-term sustainability of the practice of cloth diapering at risk, so we issued this report to help inform our cloth diapering constituents about their buying choices.”

The report includes supplements guiding Real Diaper Circle Leaders (RDA representatives) in handling local cloth diaper co-op conversations, providing recommendations for cloth diaper retailers to limit the negative impacts of co-ops on their businesses, and suggesting recommendations for cloth diaper consumers to protect themselves if they choose to participate in cloth diaper co-ops.

To further support families looking for inexpensive cloth diapering solutions, the Real Diaper Association also issued another in their line of tip sheets for families and caregivers, titled 5 Tips for Cloth Diapering on a Budget.

Contact: Heather McNamara
Phone: 619/796-1732, e-mail: heatherm at realdiaperassociation dot org

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