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The Real Diaper Association believes that making the knowledge and tools for cloth diapering accessible to U.S. parents will change the world one baby at a time.  RDA beliefs are put to action through the organization of local advocates and activists for cloth-diapering. 

Upon joining, RDA members are asked to respond to "Why I Chose Cloth."  Below you will find a collection of their testimonies. 

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As a military family with three children, we wanted to go an affordable green approach to diapering our baby girl. When a RDA member came to our home to show me how easy it was to use cloth for baby number three, I was "sold". Why didn't I know this with our older two girls? Initially it really was about saving money, but I had no idea how toxic disposables could be. Now In the past four months that I have been diapering baby number three, I have found such a love of sharing my cloth diapering experience.

We tried every rash cream and could not get rid of my son's diaper rash. Finally tried cloth and it was gone within 2 days. Don't use any rash cream at all now!

I use cloth diapers and wipes to eliminate more waste going to the landfill, to keep harmful chemicals off of my baby's sensitive skin, and to cut down on the amount of money we spend unnecessarily.

Initially for the savings, but it now I feel good that I'm making the best choice for my children's health and our environment.

I choose cloth diapers for my children because it is economical, good for the environment, and safe from harmful chemicals.

I cloth diapered three out of the five children I have. I started cloth diapering because my second child was allergic to the disposable diapers. As my family got larger it was a way to cut back on cost and good for the planet, the baby, and the husband's

I started using cloth to save money. Then found I just like them. It was something about washing the diapers and hanging them that made me happy. So in August of 2012 started a local cloth diaper group that now has 190 members. We already meet monthly if not weekly. I organized a local cloth diaper drive that raised over 130 diaper which were divided into 5 sets and given out to 5 families in the community. Cloth diapering has become my life and I can't imagine life without it.

My daughter has never had a disposable diaper on her little bum. The first reason I chose cloth was because I didn't want to expose my daughter to chemical-laden disposables. Also, for environmental reasons. I liked the idea of not adding to our landfill problem. The third reason being that we wouldn't have to buy diapers regularly and it is much more economical. I have recently succeeded in sharing the "good news" of cloth diapers to a couple that is expecting, and converted them! They hadn't even considered cloth because they just didn't know anything about it. I want to help get the information out there!

I chose cloth because I heard it can take 500+ years for a disposable diaper to biodegrade.

I believe that it is best for my baby, best for the environment, fun and easy!

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