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The Real Diaper Association believes that making the knowledge and tools for cloth diapering accessible to U.S. parents will change the world one baby at a time.  RDA beliefs are put to action through the organization of local advocates and activists for cloth-diapering. 

Upon joining, RDA members are asked to respond to "Why I Chose Cloth."  Below you will find a collection of their testimonies. 

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My husband and I chose to cloth diaper when expecting our daughter simply due to the fact that we needed to save money. We started out buying just the cheapest diapers we could find, but we didn't really know what we were doing. We ended up buying a bunch of junkie diapers off of ebay. After some research and tons of reading, we started to find better options. We discovered prefolds and covers were cheap, but still worked well. We were pretty upset that we had wasted money at first on cheap diapers from china that came apart or leaked right away, and right away I started making it a mission of mine to make sure that when I told people about cloth, that I showed them that it didn't have to leak and be a mess. It really could work! You could have a clean, dry baby who was rash free! After a few months of cloth diapering and more reading up on all the benefits of cloth, my husband told me that I was so passionate about this that we should open up a store. I learned how cloth was so much better for the environment. I knew it was better for my baby, but after seeing the scientific evidence, I wanted to make sure that future children never wore disposables if possible! (By the way, the first baby mentioned here is 16 months old and has only worn 2 packs of disposables, and the 2nd baby is 5 weeks and has ONLY worn cloth!) Cloth diapers have definitely fulfilled the goal we had for them. We have saved a fortune, especially now that we have two in diapers! But we love cloth for so much more than that now! :)

I decided to cloth diapers when my family was financial limited due to only having one income. We began cloth diapering our youngest at 6 months and just loved the convenience, environmental savings, and they wonderful designs. We were able to save so much and felt that other families could benefit from cloth diapers I began "The Rebecca Foundation's Cloth Diaper Closet" to lend cloth diapers to low income or in need families.

Better for baby, better for the environment, better for my pocketbook!

I started using cloth for fashion reasons and then quickly discovered and loved the green impacts of this lifestyle choice. It is sustainable, economical and healthier for our family and the earth!

I chose to cloth my diaper my baby because it was the most practical choice to make! It is good for baby, good for the environment and good for my wallet.

I didn't use cloth diapers with my children (grown adults now) but now see the benefits and support any mom who wants to make a change. My diaper cover business started because one of my nieces chose cloth diapers for her new baby and I wanted to make some for her.

I chose cloth for a smaller carbon footprint and impact on my pocket book. I started a business selling cloth because I fell in love with it and have a passion to show that cloth diapering is easy, inexpensive, and cute!

We chose cloth for the health of our children and the environment. Due to severe allergies, we knew cloth was our best option. We enjoy the freedom of not having to buy diapers along with the benefits of not throwing away diapers. It is a win win situation!!

I started 5 1/2 years when my second daughter was eight months old we were getting tight on cash. I had heard of cloth diapers, and was clothed myself as a child, so I started doing some research and it was all a little confusing. I had run across a diaper pattern using old t-shirts, so I told my husband to go clean out his closet. I made 24 diapers and bought pins and plastic pants at Wal Mart. I a couple months later I had bought 24 prefolds, three covers and some snappies. This is what we used for the next ten months. Four years later I had our first son and knew I was cloth diapering from the beginning, so I started doing research and learned all about the different kinds of diapers that were out now. So I started buying used diapers locally and started my stash. Jamie was in cloth from day 10 and still in in at 24 months. 7 months ago I gave birth to our second son and he has been in cloth since day 10 as well. So at the moment I have two children in cloth and loving it. When I started 5 years ago it was to save money. Over the years and after much research I have learned it is better for my children and our earth.

In the beginning to save money. Then as I got more and more involved in the world of cloth diapers I realized there is many more ways to be green than just recycling and growing vegetables. Now our family full time cloth diapers, grows a full patio vegetable garden, have replaced most of our paper products with reusable ones (paper towels, feminine sanitation, zip lock, water bottles), and have made many other green life style changes.

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