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The Real Diaper Association believes that making the knowledge and tools for cloth diapering accessible to U.S. parents will change the world one baby at a time.  RDA beliefs are put to action through the organization of local advocates and activists for cloth-diapering. 

Upon joining, RDA members are asked to respond to "Why I Chose Cloth."  Below you will find a collection of their testimonies. 

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I have been convinced by the large shift to cloth diapering in this area. The environmental and health issues of cloth versus disposable are my main reasons. Also, cost savings over the long term and the availability of cloth diapers and diaper covers in the marketplace today.

We chose cloth because it is the most financially responsible way to assist families in need in our community and will help us to fulfill our mission to keep our babies healthy and happy. In the Midwest the financial savings to a family are more important than the environmental impact and this is usually the attraction for our families. Once we have met with them and shown them the ease of using cloth diapers we ensure that they are able to care for the diapers and assist them to find daycare that will meet their needs.

We choose cloth because it's better for my baby, my wallet, and my environment.

When I opened my store 5 years ago, I didn't even know about cloth diapering. In my mind, it was just used by our mothers when we were kids. A customer approached me, and asked if I had ever considered selling cloth diapers, and I paused, and said, No I hadn't, but enlighten me. Well, she did, and then a few months later, she offered to teach a CD101 class for us. Since then, we have expanded our workshops to more than 30 different offerings, and our cloth diaper section has expanded to more than 30 different lines, a diaper rental service, consultations, and more. I strongly support and believe in cloth diapering, for all the usual reasons - the environment, cost savings, fun of it - and it has propelled my business in directions I hadn't even imagined. I only wish I had the opportunity to use them!

Originally, cloth wasn't a choice... it was a need. Our son was allergic to disposable diapers and so we decided to try cloth. Based on our income at the time, we decided to purchase the materials to make some cloth diapers to save money. When they turned out to not only be perfect for our little one, but also cost effective and really cute too, we decided to post photos of them to a blog. Within no time, we had requests from others that wanted to buy them and things grew from there :)

I chose cloth for my 19mos old son because it is better for the environment, my son, and my pocket book.

When I was a baby my mother used cloth on me because disposables were too expensive. I chose cloth for my son because of the chemicals in disposables as well as saving our planet cloth diaper at a time. I LOVE cloth and love sharing how great it is with other people. I use a service because I lived in a condo where we had community washing machines which were a long walk from my condo and not convenient. I have since moved into a home but love my diaper service.

So many reasons! Affordable, less trash, adorable, soft, easy on my baby's sensitive skin, no midnight diaper runs, no stinky poop in disposables... I can't fit all the reasons here! Hence why we're not educating and advocating!

My first daughter was born in 1998, and I brought her home from the hospital to a huge stash of Huggies and several tubes of Desitin. Every 1 to 3 hours she filled a tiny, thin little diaper made of plastic and super absorbent sodium polyacrylate with a very wet yellow poo…and I can still remember that it always shot right up her back every time, out of her diaper and onto her little gown. Tiny diaper after tiny diaper after tiny diaper got balled up and tossed into a diaper pail…and I still had to wash yellow poopy clothes. Box after box I bought, tossed, and took out to the apartment complex dumpster…endless trash, endless messy baby clothes because the breastfed baby poo went right up and out of the disposable diaper almost every two hours. This went on for months before I realized I had another option. When Hannah was four-months-old, a catalog arrived in the mail advertising cloth diapers. Back in 1998, our options were prefolds with pins, prefolds with Snappis, nylon pull-on pants, fitted diapers, prefolds fastened with velcro covers, and “all-in-ones.” I ended up ordering a dozen prefolds and a few Bumkins vented covers, 3 pairs of Bummis Whisper nylon pull on pants (which unfortunately are no longer being made) and a dozen cotton/poly blend flannel fitted diapers, and three different styles of “all-in-ones.” I soon realized there are pros and cons to each style of diaper. The prefolds and velcro covers worked well, but they sagged unless I also put a onesie (tiny t-shirt that snaps between baby’s legs) on to hold the diaper in place, and the prefolds were bulky when folded over in the front but the fabric was great for absorbing wetness. The flannel fitted diapers (made by a Canadian company called QJ) fit well but were not very durable or absorbent, and they felt very wet after being soiled and were awkward to change because the wet dipe had to come into contact with the changing table surface when the nylon pants were pulled off…the nylon pants worked well but when poopy were a pain to remove. …and I only used the “all-in-ones” a few times because they were a huge pain to wash and took forever to dry! We still used disposables sometimes, and at night, but I saved soooooo much money by using cloth at home. I mean…we were home most of the time and we went through so many diapers…so why not??? My second daughter came along in 2001, and we started out in cloth right away. We used newborn Pro-rap covers and tiny newborn cotton contour shaped diapers (which I loved! They were a birdseye 100% cotton fabric, very trim and I ended up using them for 3 girls in a row…finally selling them to a friend. Of course now I cannot find them anymore anywhere and I suspect they are no longer made.) I loved the Pro-rap for size newborn and they worked great for holding Claire’s poo right from the start, but the next size up of Pro-rap after “newborn” (smalls) were of lesser quality and I ended up buying more Bumkins vented covers because they never leaked, although they did leave red marks on baby’s back and sagged without a onesie. We stayed with Bumkins vented covers until potty training. My main reasons for loving the Bumkins were that they never ever leaked EVER, and because they were made with nylon rather than PUL, they didn’t retain stinky smells which can be a problem with older babies and toddlers who are not exclusively breastfed anymore. Anyway, the real fun…and cloth diapering craziness, for me, began in 2004 with the birth of my third daughter, Emily. We had more money at that point in our life and more to spend on diapers and I had a lot of fun with Fuzzibunz and Happy Heinys with hemp inserts. Back in 2004, the one-size pocket diaper hadn’t hit the market yet. I had 18 Fuzzi Bunz and 18 Happy Heinys. I started with pocket diapers in size small and kept selling them on ebay and buying more in larger sizes as Emily grew. Although I love pocket diapers for little baby, big baby was stinkier and the PUL and polyfleece retains smell…I came to discover, much to my chagrin. So, for toddling Emily, I ended up going back to a snappied prefold and nylon pull on pants. By this point I had decided to steer clear of velcro closure covers altogether because they just don’t last. The prefold/nylon pant (Bummis Whisper nylon pant) combo was perfect for my active toddler –trim fit didn’t interfere with wiggling and running around, washed up easily, and wasn’t stay-dry–BECAUSE I wanted a my older baby to feel the wetness. Feeling wetness makes for quicker potty training. If I had known about Mother-ease Sandy’s at this point, I would have bought them, but alas I had yet to discover my favorite easy to use fitted diapers. With my fourth daughter in 2007 I discovered Bumgenius. I bought 30 of them and used them full time for Allison’s first year paired with the hemp inserts I had kept from diapering Emily. It was a pricey purchase, but when we were done with them I sold them to a friend for over half of what I originally paid. Why did I quit pockets after age 1? They were wearing out and staying stinky. The ease of washing a 100% cotton diaper without a stay-dry layer for a baby no longer exclusively breastfed wins out over the ease of use of a pocket diaper. Pre-folds and Snappies and Whisper pants were introduced back into my diapering regimen. BUT this time around I had more money to spend for sampling fitted diapers, and I ended up falling in love with the Mother-ease Sandy’s organic cotton fitted diaper paired with an Aristocrats wool cover. IN LOVE. The natural fibers…the cool rash free baby bottom existing under the cotton and wool…the no leaks ever…the no stinky smells ever…the ease of hand washing the wool….(It really is easy!) If I had to do it all over again I would go with Mother-ease organic cotton fitted diapers and Lanacare or Ruskovilla wool covers full time. Why Lanacare? They are prefelted for a trim, leakproof fit right from the start and are made with untreated organic merino wool….soooooo soft. Ruskovilla covers are a more affordable choice, however, and are trim fitting and stretchy for comfort and also made of soft, organic merino wool. I would also use Mother-ease Air Flow covers for times when all my wool was in the laundry. If I ever needed a disposable-like alternative for a babysitter, I would go with the Mother-ease Wizard Duos or Best Bottom diapers (instead of pocket diapers or all-in-ones) as they are easy to put on baby, easy to wash, and they don’t leak! Old fashioned flat diapers or prefolds and covers are always a good route to go for an affordable system. Bummis covers are tried and true and their organic cotton prefolds are super soft and easy to fold. Old fashioned flat diapers, if you don’t mind folding, are very affordable and versatile…easy to wash and fast to dry. Flats and prefolds can be used with Best Bottom shells as well for an even more affordable, leak-proof system. I prefer organic cotton fitted diapers and organic wool covers over any other system due to ease of use, earth friendliness, and breathablity for baby’s skin health. Yes, fitted diapers and wool covers are fluffier…but who says a baby’s bottom needs to be slim? ;)

I fell absolutely in love when I switched when my first child was 3 months old. My husband and I were tired of spending so much on disposables and I was tired of blowouts, rashes and the trash buildup. I could not believe how easy cloth was after my learning curve ended. I was loyal to one brand for awhile, but fell in love with other brands too I tried out in later years. We saved so much money. I also love how much resale value they hold too. It is important to me to help the environment and it's nice to save money at the same time.

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