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As part of our member-supported resource center, Real Diaper Association is building a library of online articles relating to cloth diapers. We accept articles consistent with our mission.

What kind of articles are we looking for?

  • History of diapering, either a broad sweep or a specific peek into specific experience.
  • Science of diapering, including health or environmental studies.
  • Specific issues in cloth diapering, such as basic care, nighttime diapers, travelling with diapers, or how to keep costs low.
  • Local cloth diapering advocacy. This might include focusing on reaching new parents, supporting those already using cloth, health care professionals, reaching media, or talking to local officials about solid waste issues.

The articles might be aimed at those who are new to cloth diapering or at those who have experience and want to share it with others, but they should be relevant to Real Diaper Association members. Articles will probably be friendly, written for a popular audience, though we will consider other approaches. We encourage articles that ask the reader to act on what they learn.


  • Microsoft Word document (if attachment is expected–if not expected, attachments will be discarded). You may also paste article text and other required information into an email.
  • 600-1200 words in length.
  • Author’s name as it should appear.
  • Suggested Title.
  • Original URL if article has already been made available online. Only submit articles written by you.
  • Images or graphics should NOT be embedded in the document but should be submitted as separate files. Do not submit graphics unless you own copyrights to the work and intend to grant permission for RDA to use the image or graphics.
  • Abstract or summary of up to 75 words explaining main theme and intended audience. This helps us with publicity.
  • Short biography of up to 50 words, including your experience or expertise. This will be published along with a link.

Also include the following information about yourself:

Full name
Land address
Email address
Phone number
RDA member?
Business affiliation


If you cite a study or an article, please use the original for quotation and citation. Please mark quotations clearly. Since website citations are common, we offer this example.

Website: Author, “Title of the Work,” Title of the Website. URL

Example with no author: “Our Mission,” Real Diaper Association.

Example with author: Jennifer Liptrot, “Second Look at Cloth Diapering,” Cut of Cloth: A Diaper Pin Site.

If you are citing a study or information from another source and you are unsure of citation format, include as much information as you have and we will contact you if we have questions.


Submit email or electronic file to


RDA reserves the right to edit all submissions. If we do accept your article and edit it, you will receive a copy of the edited article for review.

Publication Rights.

Must grant RDA rights to publish article on RDA website in HTML and PDF. You retain copyright. If RDA wishes to use the article for any other purpose, RDA will contact you for permission.





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