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Tips for Supporting Parents and Caregivers in Choosing 100% Reusable Cloth Diapers

NameLocationSupport Plan
Calley Pate Florida I write an eco-friendly blog ( where I encourage others to choose 100% reusable cloth diapers. I also have a one year old daughter who is in 100% reusable cloth diapers 100% of the time! We use them at home, with friends, on trips, and with our babysitters.
Angela Imes Plano, TX I serve on the board of directors of the Real Diaper Association. I also lead a local diaper circle. We hold monthly meeting to provide information and support to diapering parents. We also provide information at local parenting organizations and events. I've also met personally with parents interested in cloth showing them samples and answers their questions.
Crystal Hall Whitby, Ontario I support others by telling them about cloth diapers - I have them come into my home for one-on-one sessions where they are free to bring in their cloth diapers (for how to use explanations) and they are shown a variation of diapers - and I explain the differences of each to them. That way they can go away and make their cloth diapering choices knowing that they have some first hand knowledge (as well as pamphlets and worksheets) and they feel equipped to make the best decision for them and their baby.
Angie Gregory Northampton, MA I recommend doubling up on flats or prefolds for heavy wetters, and I've even been known to have a cloth diaper all 'set up' right next to me in the bed (we co-sleep) and when my son wakes up I change him on my lap while breastfeeding and toss the wet diaper on the floor till the morning. It works! Also love wool covers and pants as they hold a super wet diaper without leakage. More talk on this topic on my blog:
Lori Taylor Utah For the past six years, I've spent a lot of time helping Real Diaper Association create and distribute tools for cloth diaper education and advocacy. I support 100% reusable cloth diapers for all babies all the time.
Leah Carter Atlanta, GA I try to support parents and caregivers by listening to their needs and developing products which help them achieve their goal of 100% reusable cloth. I hope my own choices in manufacturing help feed the choices made by consumers.
Sheri Richmond, VA Hi. I think this is a great way to get the word out there en masse! We are a natural, organic & eco-friendly website for babies and children. We are dedicated to the use of cloth diapers and to the promotion of companies, be they corporations or WAHM?s who make their own cloth diapers & accessories. We believe that cloth diapering is the best solution not only for the environment but for the baby as well. It is our goal to offer advice, solutions and information on our site to people who are considering cloth diapering and people who are cloth diapering.
Amanda IL Answering questions of curious onlookers when we are out in public. Talking about CDs to friends and family, dispelling any misinformation they have about cloth diapering. I figure if my kindness converts even one family (which it has), they will gain the diaper wearing love and pay it forward.
Heidi Canada I use them.
Anthony Indio idk
Pon Fullerton
Jessica Mayberry new york i use them
Amy Hemet
Sara Charlotte


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