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Tips for Using 100% Reusable Cloth Diapers All Night

RDA compiled the recommendations below into a single-page tip sheet for nighttime cloth diapering, which you can view and print from here.

NameLocationNighttime Tips
Heather San Diego We love prefolds and wool. We can customize our fit and absorbency with the prefolds (we trifold one inside another) and the wool allows the whole thing to breathe so there's no redness in the morning!
Calley Pate Florida We use pocket diapers most of the time, especially at night. We add an extra insert into the pocket for maximum absorbancy. Most cloth diapers come with an extra insert or doubler for that purpose.
Sara Quast Santa Clara, CA Ask yourself some questions about your childs habits: Does she nurse all night long? Does she sleep all night long? Is he a heavy wetter? These can be a little more difficult but not impossible night diapering challenges. Both of my chindren have been in cloth diapers day and night since infancy. My daughter s 5 and my son is 2. I love it and trust it. The best overnight solutions for us have been the following: For my son and my daughter when she was smaller was Happy Heiny's Happy Hempy stuffed with a hemp Stuffin (made by Happy Heiny's as well) and a microfiber insert on top. Cotton prefolds are great as well! At one point we used the Hempy, a Stuffin stuffed with two extra ovals and two inserts. It was bulky but it worked! This does need a cover, and either wool or fleece work really well! I have used both the Stacinator fleece and wool covers as well as the Little Beetle wool soaker shorts. Wool actaully absorbs a little and helps a lot with any leaking issues, as well as being breathable. My daughter now uses an overnight "pull-up". Cloth is still there for us! Pocket diapers do not work well for us, we had leaks with those and my daughter is sensitive to fleece. For her we use a Snap-Eze cotton trainer (unfortuantely these are disontinued but any cotton trainer would work (Imse Vimse makes a good one or Little Beetle learners too) we use a hemp cotton prefold folded up on the inside to add absorbency and wool soaker shorts over that. This works great for us, even on nights when we have soup for dinner!
Angela Imes Plano, TX We use cotton prefolds day and night. At night we just double them up. Folding one in thirds and folding the other as normal. We also use wool covers at night to give a little extra air flow.
Crystal Hall Whitby, Ontario I would suggest using a fitted diaper with a cover. Reason being you'll get a lot of absorbency out of a fitted diaper and it's trimmer than using an AIO. I use a One Size Bamboo / Organic Cotton French Terry Fitted with a zorbitz trifold (made at Wee Ones by JaJoC).
Lori Taylor Utah I found that it was important to use enough absorbency. I usually used 2-3 flat diapers in a wool cover. Once I figured out that one of my children was wetting early in the night, leading to a very smelly diaper by morning, I also added a midnight diaper change. After that, she usually woke up in the morning with a dry diaper.
Deepa San Diego We are still trying to figure out the best solution. since they turned 20 lbs have been having leaks on and off... so far its a toddler prefold with a happy heinys insert and a oval insert... or a midnight diaper change... Would love to see what others recommend.
Yasmin Shaddox Encinitas, Ca Try wool!! The best thing we found was wool pants. Even if there is a leak from your diaper, the wool pant cover keeps it from being a mess.
Rachel McFadden Baltimore, MD I haven't had any problems once I realized that I need to double up over night. It is terrible to change a dirty diaper at night, but with a doubler we have no problems. I have also recently started using wool covers at night and they are my favorite. I love that they do not leak and they don't stink either....I highly recommend giving one a try. You can find some WAHM made covers on etsy, or sustainablebabyish makes some great covers! If you make your own, try Nature's Fabric. *
Trebeca Reno, NV I'm not sure what the struggles might be. My daughter is put in a clean pre-fold with a cover before bed and she wakes up wet and I wipe the entire area that may have been exposed to the wetness and put her in a clean diaper. She's one and a half and I just switched so maybe I missed the difficult age for night time problems.
Amber Arkanasas I use a pocket fitted at night so I can stuff it full for my heavy wetter. I use bamboo and hemp inserts covered with wool or fleece cover. Works great for us!
Amy Miller Ohio What has worked best for us for nighttime diapering is to use organic bamboo fitteds with wool covers. This has been a leakproof solution for our son. He has been in cloth from birth and we have never had to use disposibles. He is 2.5 now and partially potty learned so now we can just use an organic bamboo fitted without any cover because most of the time he wakes up dry. But even if he doesn't he doesn't wet so much to require a cover.
Elizabeth Costarakis San Diego, CA I highly recommend wool covers/soakers/longies! We use fitteds with wool and have never had a leak in 12 months of cloth diapering day and night!
Meredith Miller Brick, NJ I have found that a fitted diaper with a fleece soaker is a perfect nightime solution for us.
Tesa Kurin Tehachapi, Ca .I use a pocket diaper at night. I can stuff it with 2-3 doublers. I feel that the fleece liner helps pull away the moisture all night.
Stephanie McNally New Hampshire We use Bum Genius 3.0 pockets at night, stuffed with the BG insert and a hemp doubler. This works 12+ hours for us with no leaks and my daughter is a super soaker!! My advice would be to avoid stinkies in those overnight dipes by using Tide detergent,bleach every once in a while and rinsing thoroughly. We have had no issues with this system!!
Jillian Young Monroe, WA My first suggestion is a BumGenuis 3.0 with both inserts. Yep, thats it. Never had a leak. My next suggestion is to find a WAHM who makes fleece diapers. I have one that is like an All in One fleece diaper but has a All in two feel to it. It has a fleece soaker with Zorb in the middle. Also, no leaks. And both of these options are trim, not bulky and comfortable for baby to wear.
Sara Ingmire Arlington Heights, IL Absorbency, absorbency, absorbency! My favorite nighttime solution is the SuperDo insert for pocket diapers. I blogged about nighttime diapering at
Reesa Woodman, Suburban Tree Hugger Marietta, GA While I do love to simply trifold a prefold in a cover, these do not work for us at night. I have found that our pocket diapers stuffed with an Indian prefold work best.
Ami Seattle Prefolds or similar are best in my experience. I like the organic Flip inserts. They hold a TON. I like prefolds because you can soak, boil, bleach, etc without worrying about ruining the waterproofing.
Julie Olympia, WA I recommend a stay-dry diaper such as a pocket diaper or at least a natural fiber diaper with a fleece liner closest to baby's skin. I also double up using hemp. So, if I'm using a pocket diaper, I just use one microfiber insert and one hemp insert together inside the pocket. If I'm using a prefold or fitted, I put a hemp doubler with fleece on top of the prefold. Works wonderfully for us, even for toddlers!
Sharon Judson Ohio I have a super heavy wetter. I use a pocket or fitted with a cover. I stuff the pocket with 6-8 layers of bamboo or hemp fleece, several layers of microfiber and 2 layers of zorb. That usually works well for us.
Jennifer Miller Newnan, GA USA Well when my daughter was 4 months, I had to start 24/7 cloth diapering her. She turned out to be allergic to disposables. There will be some nights she wakes up wet, but fewer than my son did in disposables. In the beginning, I used pockets with extra hemp inserts (they are much more absorbant than microfiber). Now, at 19 months, we use a premium prefold with an infant prefold as a "doubler" and a wool diaper cover made from targhee wool. I love it! The wool is super thick and pretty much bulletproof! Her sheets are never wet, and her pajamas are always dry too. If you are afraid, don't be, it is much easier than you think. After all, 2 - 3 generations ago, there was no such thing as disposable diapers! If in doubt, ask your grandmother. :)
Melinda Cummings Mount Airy NC Wool! I sometimes will use an infant prefold as a booster in a pocket or fitted.
Janet Asheville, NC First, its going to be a BIG diaper. Baby doesn't seem to mind, but it does affect what kind of pajamas they can wear. We tried going up a size in wrap and doubling the diaper, but that created leg gaps that leaked. Two things worked for us. First and best was two prefolds held on with a snappi and covered with Gerber vinyl pants. Second, Fuzzi Bunz pockets with 2 or 3 stuffers in it.
Maggie Fort Wayne, IN We have great success wrapping a pre-fold around a micro-fiber insert and stuffing that in a pocket diaper. It can hold 12 hours worth of wetness- and my little one seems to wet for 12 straight hours!
Andrea Foley Des Moines, IA Use prefolds with covers. Although they are slightly more bulky, the correct prefold with an insert or doubled is MORE then enough absorbency for my little guy! I have NEVER had a single leak overnight and he sleeps 11 hours.
Rachel Souther California Especially for heavy wetters, I would suggest a good fitted diaper and WOOL! Of course in the beginning stages when a baby is being changed more frequently, good prefolds and wool or fleece covers will work excellent as well!
Sarah Romeo Las Vegas for me the biggest help has been using a hemp doubler like Joey Bunz in my pocket diapers. Not a single leak all night. OR using a really good fitted like Cow Patties or a BSRB TIAN with a wool soaker/longie
Donna S. Topeka, KS Double Stuff pockets. Hemp is your friend for overnight. Add doublers to AIOs and fitteds. When using a fitted make sure the cover is snug all the way around the diaper. I use Bumkins AIOs with one added doubler and she's good for up to 12 hours at night!! The diaper is soaked in the morning..but it does not leak through at all.
Tammy Fischer San Diego We leak like crazy because my daughter will have 2+ cups of juice (water) at night befire bed along with a boobie. I use three inserts, sometimes they are hemp, or hemp zorb sandwhich combos, and I make sure that over her pj's she has on a polar fleece jumpsuit that I make her to catch all of the leaks. Only once did she manage to leak out of the polar fleece and that was one of the older smaller ones.
Serena Barnett San Diego, CA Cloth at night is definitely do-able! Ultimately it comes down to how heavy of a wetter your little one is. For those who opt to use pocket diapers - I highly recommend the bumGenius One Size 3.0 pocket diaper stuffed with the larger one-size insert the diaper comes with as well as a Knickernappies Super Do Prewashed Hemp insert. This combination together is virtually leak-proof*. The bumGenius one-size insert is made from 3 layers of super absorbent micro-terry and the Knickernappies Super Do insert is made from 6 layers of prewashed hemp terry (kudos for not having to prep the inserts) and 2 layers of micro-terry - giving you a combined total of 5 layers of micro-terry and 6 layers of hemp terry. You'd be hard pressed to find a little one who can leak through this combination. However, with that said - if your little one happens to be a tummy sleeper then leaks are likely to happen when you're using micro-terry due to the compression of the diaper in the front (especially when the inserts become saturated). Therefore, for a tummy sleeper I highly recommend using a premium sized prefold diaper combined with the Super Do (instead of the micro-terry insert). And, of course they're wool... Wool is amazing for overnight due to the many wonderful properties of wool (self cleaning and absorbs while also allowing the moisture to evaporate). Some moms opt to use a wool soaker over their pocket diapers for added protection. However, a wool soaker over a very absorbent fitted diaper such as the Goodmama One Size fitteds would work equally well! Happy night-time diapering! -Serena
pamela broudy san diego, ca we have always done nighttime cloth diapering - through two kids - and no leak issues. at first pocket diapers were fine for night, but as my son started to sleep through the night we learned about using much heavier diapers plus a wool cover (he has since potty learned). its all about the wool! happy hempy stuffed with a hemp flat is the way to go. and its been working great on my daughter who is 20mo. the disana wool covers are the bomb!
Danielle San Diego I would tell them to keep at it. There is a solution out there for everyone. My son is not usually a heavy wetter so we use a cotton prefold with a thirsties cover. It works for us. Sometimes I put an infant prefold inside the trifolded prefold for a little added absorption. I might add that if you are having trouble wig leaks at night and you don't think it is the absorption try a different cover or size up one. We get most of our leaks from the diaper not fitting well around the legs.
Marissa Evans Florida Currently we are having great success with pockets and a hemp/cotton blend overnight insert stuffed in to the pocket. I love prefolds too, but I love that my baby has a stay dry feel during nightime usage. My son is currently on the potty during the day, so we only use cloth diapers at night right now. I am only washing 3 diapers every 3 days, but you can do it! I know you are probably thinking why is she only washing 3 diapers...but I love cloth and our system absorbs so much!!! :)
Wendy Teasdale San Diego Don't give up! I struggled off and on to keep my sheets dry while co-sleeping with my CD'ed son. We successfully used pocket diapers stuffed with three inserts from the time my son was 3 months until he was about a year. Then the leaking started! He was such a heavy wetter that I felt like I tried everything! What worked for us finally was a pocket diaper with inserts, a thin fleece cover, with wool longies over that! Yes, he did look like a small sumo wrestler, but it was the only thing that worked for us at the time. Now that he is no longer night nursing, he is not as wet and so we are back to our pocket diapers stuffed to the gills! In my experience, you will go through times where you will find that your tried and true system is no longer working....I just chalked it up to growth spurts and bladder control! The nice thing about cloth diapers is that there are tons of used ones out there, so you can find what works and not spend a fortune. Then you can turn around and sell your stash to another CD'ing family!
Sarah Nuetzel Munster, IN Lollidoo Overnight Eco Pocket with 2 Innies are fantastic! No leaks, dry sheets, and dry baby!
Shawna B. San Diego Keep trying and don't give up! I used prefolds and covers with my first daughter, and we struggled so much, that I went to disposables. However, with my second daughter, we use lots of pocket diapers (with wool covers, as necessary!) to control any leaks. Sometimes, she'll have a poopy diaper, and that will be contained, too. I really wish that I would have branched out with my first one.
Jamie Romero San Diego We use pocket diapers at night. Our best nighttime solution is using a BumGenius pocket with a huge hemp insert, and a large microterry insert. I have found hemp, once properly prepped, is super absorbant, and then I put the microterry insert on top of the hemp insert. That way the microterry sucks in all the moisture, and the hemp slowly absorbs tons of fluid. My son nurses throughout the night and wets a lot, and this solution has always worked for us. For all those who have heavy wetters, a good solution is just to use wool over your current nighttime diapering routine. Wool is super easy to use, and good wool does not ever leak. And its always a good idea to get connected in your local Real Diaper Circle - it's awesome to have support and lots of great advice.
Heidi Washington State I had to try multiple things. My BumGenius were leaking through at night on my 4 month old. So finally, I pulled out a toddler prefold. It worked. I used suedecloth (just cut the size of the diaper) as a liner. It worked but was super bulky. I received a gift certificate for and ordered a bunch of hemp diapers. I got BabyKicks one-size fitted hemp diapers and the KissaLuvs hemp fitted. They both came with an extra hemp doubler. They are awesome!! The BabyKicks wasn't even completely soaked when I changed him (I had the doubler in too :D) I am sold!! Much less bulky too.
Candice San Diego My son has been sleeping on his side since 5 months old. Therefore, I had to find a way to diaper that would have all over absorbency. I had been using pocket diapers with did not have absorbent sides. I ended up using contour diapers with a doubler (from my pocket diapers) with a waterproof cover. Works great. I would particularly recommend this for parents currently using disposables (which also do not have absorbent sides) on their side sleepers who are constantly having to wash sheets.
Carrie San Diego We have tried a whole bunch of night diapering options on my 13 month old daughter. We battled leaks for a while until we discovered Motherease one size diapers with a bamboo or hemp booster under a thirsties cover. This works perfectly for us and no more leaks!
Michelle NJ I recommend hemp to keep night diapers trim and absorbent.
Catherine Utah I recommend a fitted diaper with a wool cover overnight. A piece of polyester fleece in the diaper against baby's skin helps baby feel dry overnight, too.
Ceri Virginia Beach We have found using double-stuffed pocket diapers works the best for our little one. She's a belly sleeping heavy wetter and the pocket diapers mean we can stuff more absorbency toward the front to catch the leaks. Pockets are also great for keeping the absorbent layer in place when she rolls around in her sleep. Microfiber inserts are very absorbent and the lining material in the pockets wicks the moisture away, keeping her bottom dry to the touch for up to 14 hours.
Shauna H. Broken Arrow, OK We use cloth all day and all night. I have a 4 month old little boy and we use a FuzziBunz perfect size small with an insert and doubler overnight. We've never had a leak and at 4 months he usually sleeps 11:30pm-7:30am. It's as easy as that for us!
Cynthia T. Portland, OR I found that a breathable wool cover worked great for us. I NEVER changed wet sheets or jammies when using a wool cover over a natural fiber fitted diaper (with added absorbency).
Sarah Slc, Utah My daughter is 11 months old and weighs about 20 lbs. We use indian prefolds, for night time I use a toddler diaper and fold it the newspaper style and then fold the top part over. This goes in side of a thirstie or WAHM cover! I have never had a night time leak this way!
Jennifer Idaho Until just a short time ago we were using disposables at night and cloth diapers during the day. I just loved using the cloth diapers during the day, but thought that they would be too difficult for using at night. We began having a problem with our son wetting through the disposable diaper at night, even with another disposable insert inside of it! He would wake up with wet pajamas and a cold, wet tummy every morning. YUCK. So, we tried our bumGenius pocket diaper with the insert AND the microfiber insert that came with the diaper. I also added a bamboo velour doubler just for extra insurance. Our little guy has been cozy, warm and dry ever since. That's pretty impressive, since he sleeps for 12-13 hours every night! We love our cloth diapers!
Chicago Area Real Diaper Circle Chicago Suggestions from Real Diaper Circle members in Chicago: We have about 3 different things to do at night, but my favorites are a g-diaper with a microfiber layered first and then a prefold over that. also, Wool longies over an urban fluff fitted and a punkin butt doubler. I have a 2.5 year old and we either use the Super Do or RumpaRooz hemp 6r inserts at night. But my go to all time favorite is LolliDoo Overnight eco pocket dipe. It is amazing and always dry sheets! I put a double stuffed fuzzi bunz on her and that does the trick. We are recent converts to the Superdo, but only have one so far! So, when it is clean (~every other night) we use that, and on the other nights we use the BG insert + 2 hemp inserts, inside a BG one size pocket. I�ve been really lucky to find that the bumgenius organics work amazingly well overnight. Before that, I loved goodmamas w. a doubler and a wool cover for night. I know I have shared this a few times and have even converted a few people on here, but we love the SuperDo insert for use at night. The SuperDo is a one-piece insert with microfiber and hemp. It is a heavy-duty insert, yet surprisingly trim. The great thing about using this insert as your nighttime solution is that you can just put it inside any pocket diaper and you are done. No double or triple stuffing, no extra covers. My son has yet to completely wet his SuperDos, and he is a heavy wetter. I�m a prefold lover! I use a prefold with some sort of doubler (SuperDo, hemp insert�) and a wool cover (Little Beetle is my favorite at the moment) or a double fleece cover (Stacinator). We�ve never had a leak with this combo!
Amanda Phoenix, AZ At night especially it is important to us to ensure that we�re not placing our daughter in harm�s way due to the chemicals in plastic/paper diapers. We prefer to know that she�s in natural fibers, especially for the extended night-time period.
Katie RDA blog comment I started with nighttime diapers. My daughter was 7 months old and even thought I changed her diaper in the middle of the night she was still soaking through to her pj�s and the diaper was opening and putting dangerous gel on her butt. I started by trying a few different pockets and found that for my slim girl, the best fit is the Fuzzi Bunz one size diaper. At first I had to stuff it with 1 hemp stuffins and two bamboo prefolds, but once she started sleeping through the night at 10 months we were able to downsize to 1 hemp and 1 bamboo. Her little tush is never red or wet in the morning, even though the inserts are soaked! I LOVE cloth diapers!!
Tim San Diego Try different combinations. We had to use a few different setups for each kid until finding one that worked.
Laura Doylestown Ohio Both of my kids wear cloth all night and a few things we do is make sure they go to the bathroom before they go to bed, and we make sure we use plenty of absorbency. We use 2 full soakers (micro fiber, bamboo, etc) and also limit liquids about an hour before bedtime- so no big bottles/sippy cups after 7 for us. When my daughter was nursing all night- I just made sure she was super stuffed, She generally had 1 long and 1 short bamboo soaker and she was good to go through 2 night time nursings.
Susie Ottawa I wrote out my suggestions here:
Andrea Hamilton Virginia Beach, VA You have to have a little bit of trial & error because every baby is different. I explored more absorbent fabrics, and now I use either a hemp pocket diaper stuffed with a hemp prefold or a bamboo fitted diaper. Both of these require a diaper cover, but they stand up to 12 hours if your baby sleeps through the night. I use a stay-dry liner in the diaper to ensure that my baby's skin stays dry & no diaper rash. When my baby was still getting up for a nighttime feeding, the Fuzzi Bunz pocket diaper worked well for us because we just changed it at the feeding time. This was my biggest struggle too - nighttime, but I asked advice, tried some things, and wasn't afraid to "strike out" a couple of times in order to find the right solution.
Cortney Holt, MI We had a few struggles at first when we switched to cloth diapering - especially at night. Our son is a heavy wetter at night, and at 10 months still is attached to that night time bottle. Here's some tips I have.. 1) Use a liner to wick away the moisture. With a heavy wetter, this is essential for them to keep their skin dry. 2) Use a diaper doubler for that increased wetting. We personally use BumGenius All In One diapers with one of their diaper doublers inside at night. It makes for a bulky diaper, but we just up the size of the pajamas and it's been fine. (As a side note, we also use the doubler for car rides!) 3) Stick to one-piece pajamas. The pants/shirt pajamas tend to leak out onto the pants for us no matter how wet our little one gets. I haven't had a night time leak since a month after we started using cloth. If you're still having problems, don't be discouraged. There are tons of forums and message boards out there of moms who have made this work for them and can give you specific ideas on how to tailor your system to work at night.
Ryan Columbus, OH First, know that your night solution has to be different than day and that it will be bulkier. Second, lots of people swear by pockets, but I advise a fitted and a cover - your choice what kind. Check out bamboo fabric: it's way trimmer than others. And if you're worried about baby's bum being wet for hours, get some cheap fleece and use that as the top layer for a stay-dry option. My son sleeps 12 hours in a bamboo fitted and Thirsties PUL cover (and has since 5 months old!).
Katrina Carson City, NV Double up on liners. =)
Kathy Virginia I use regular Gerber premium cotton prefolds, folded in thirds, with a Joey Bunz 6-layer hemp insert inside a fleece cover. Until my daughter turned about a year old, I used the same prefolds with a home-made microfiber insert (or the infant one from a bumGenius) folded inside and a Kissaluvs super soaker on top, wrapped in a Wonder Wraps diaper cover. The Wonder Wraps diaper cover is my go-to for everything. I pretty much never have leaks.
Lisa Heberlein Portland, OR We typically use a pocket diaper stuffed with 2 prefolds at night. It works great! No leaks and the pocket keeps his skin dry so he can go all night without getting irritated. We've also used two prefolds w/ a diaper cover and a fleece liner and that works well too but I usually just use that as a backup.
Erin Powers Florence, SC Keep trying! My daughter was a heavy wetter so I had to find the right combo that would allow her to stay dry all night. Hemp combo's work great and are very absorbent. Also stick with one piece PJ's so they won't get stuck in the diaper and wick moisture out.
Darlene Charlottesville, VA I make all of the diapers. I use fitted hemp fleece pocket diaper with a hemp fleece insert and micro fleece liner. I use either a pul or a wool cover. He stays comfortable all night long and no leaks.
Joceline Foley Los Angeles, CA What works well for both of my children (28 months and 13 months) is a pocket diaper (usually BumGenius or Fuzzi Bunz) stuffed with a Little Lions flat. However, I found that they would sometimes have leaks if they work cotton pajamas. Now, we use fleece pajamas in the winter, and homemade fleece longies or shorties in the warmer months OVER the pocket diaper. That extra layer of fleece makes sure they stay comfortable and dry.
Missy Hartley Puyallup, WA I have an 8 month old who does well in the Bumgenius 3.0. I stuff it with an extra insert that came with it and it lasts all night long.
Hannah VW WA My baby uses the potty chair before putting on his night-time diaper. That is one less "pee" that the diaper has to hold. Also, I add an extra doubler for absorbency.
Aja Reeser Cape Coral, FL We us prefold diapers with Thirsties covers and have found this combination to be perfect for both day and night diapering. For night time I will use a pocket insert, doubler, or smaller prefold for extra absorbency. The leg gussets on the Thirsties covers do a great job at preventing leaks. This system has worked perfectly for us since the day she was born! The best advice I can give is to be flexible. There is a cloth solution to EVERY diapering issue.
Jill Shoemaker Illinois If you have issues with baby waking up from dampness, add another booster. We had a baby waking at 4 am, and added another booster and she makes it to 6:30 when her tummy gets her up now!
Danielle Simmons San Diego We use a Bububebe (or B4 as it's nicknamed) diaper with a hemp insert and a wool cover as our fail-proof night time diapering system. We haven't used disposable diapers since we first brought home our little man and LOVE the way our B4's stand up to our heavy wetter.
Monica San Francisco Bay Area Pocket Diapers! We love Bumgenius 3.0 one-size pocket diapers since you can stuff them with as much absorbency needed for nighttime. Fortunately, our 6 month old isn't a very heavy wetter so we've never had any leaks besides those that were "user error" (i.e. not tucking in all of the envelope opening in the back, gapping around legs). We've only had to use the infant microfiber along with a hemp insert behind it (since this absorbs slower than the MF) and it is soooo absorbent. In the morning, our baby's bottom is dry, thanks to the stay-dry suedecloth inner material. Even on the mornings she does soak through the absorbent layers and they are sopping wet, her clothes stay totally dry! If and when our baby does become a heavier wetter, our plans are to add another layer of hemp or use the bigger MF insert and if needed, use a fleece cover for more protection. Another tip I have is if you're prone to leaks, try fleece pajamas and a fleece blanket under the baby. Fleece is great in being water resistant. On the occasion we've left our baby in a prefold overnight, we haven't had any leaks onto our bed with this combo. I really hope more parents try cloth diapers since it really is so much easier (and fun) than I ever thought it would be.
Emily Vermont For older babies that don't poop at night: 100% cotton thin fitted diapers, especially for side-sleeping babies, with as many thin doublers as necessary, in the appropriate pee zone for gender. Diapers with a built-in or snap-in flap are nice because you can tuck doublers under it. This prevents odors that can be a problem with thick overnight diapers, and the repellency/roll-off leaks that can happen with fleece. Velour or terry as the top layer is a little less clammy when wet than twill or other tight-weave fabrics. Use a large enough cover with low legs to prevent wicking. For newborns: Snap fitted diapers (or cotton-interior all-in-ones) with pull on covers for easy and quiet frequent changes.
Katie Texas My is impossible to make the bum to fluffy! Add more absorbancy any way that you wish in order to make it through the night. We have been using a really thick organic cotton fitted diaper plus a hemp doubler with a wool pull on cover and it works great. (we love wool!) Really, diapering at night is the same as the day time you just have to add more fluff. Don't be afraid.
Stephanie Nash Mount Hope, ON If using a pocket diaper, use two inserts, a micro fiber terry & a hemp. Stuff the pocket with the terry insert closest to baby's bum as the terry will absorb quicker than the hemp; but the hemp will hold more. I can typically get 14 hours overnight this way in a cloth diaper.
Jessy Seattle We use a large prefold with a smaller hemparoo inside and a good fitting cover. Pocket diapers don't work for night time. We also don't night time feeding anymore, which helps.
Araceli Cedar Park, Texas try a bamboo or hemp diaper. we use a bamboo one (with a PUL cover) on a very heavy wetting 18 month old and he makes it through the night without soaking his bed.
Dani Warner North Carolina You don't have to use the inserts that came with the diaper you're using for night time. If you've got a more absorbent liner that is from another diaper, use it! And don't be afraid to double up at night! :)
Ashley Pittsburgh, PA Night time cloth diapering was the hardest to switch to just for the reason that is was so hard to find something that worked with my little one. I finally decided to buy prefolds and thirsties covers for night time use. I've been using them for about 2 months now and my son sleeps 11hrs at night. We have not had a single leak. I would never do it any other way, plus prefolds and covers are a cheap way to go!
Nicole Issaquah, WA We didn't have any issues with overnights until our daughter turned 1. At that point, we got hemp doubles of various brands and used the insert that came with the diaper along with the doubler and have had no problems. All of our "overnight" diapers are blueberry pockets with the hook and loop closures. we find that the hook and loop allows us to get a tighter waist fit than the snaps, which we prefer during the day (she's a smart one, started getting the hook and loop undone early!) and since she sleeps on her belly with her knees tucked up, it's very important to get that good waist fit. We've had great success with this process and the added bulk of the doubler goes unnoticed since she's asleep!
Peggy Tennessee I use a hemp prefold trifolded into a happy hempy. Tope that with a fleece or wool cover and you have a bullet proof night time diaper.
Amy Saskatchewan I use a pocket diaper & stuff it with 2 microfiber liners, or an all in one that has a pocket to allow double stuffing.
Michelle T Griffith Los Angeles I have a super heavy overnight wetting toddler with very sensitive skin. I specifically switched to CD's bc of this and he now wakes up dry every morning! I use Knickernappies SuperDo inserts usually w/Fuzzibunz but AC's are great too!
Jennifer Sowers Texas Finding the right combination helps. Putting a quick absorber closest to baby's skin with hemp under it. A stay dry liner to help prevent rash. A cover that goes over the diaper that comes up high on the belly down to over the thigh to help with leaks. Such as Dancing bears fleece covers or wool like an Aristocrat cover. They help tremendously with side sleepers.
Leslie Portland, OR Our nighttime diaper was a Kissaluvs cotton fitted diaper under a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap, inside which I tucked an extra microfiber towel. (Which I found for $1 ea at Walgreens.) This never leaked. Don't be discouraged if your AIOs don't make it overnight, they aren't meant to! <3
Katie Mesa, AZ I use a DSQ prefolds with a PUL cover all the time. The only thing I do different at night is that I put a use a doubler as well as the prefold. We have not had a problem.
Robin Chicago I used pocket diapers at night for my son until about six months, when he started outpeeing them. At that point I switched to premium size prefolds, using an infant prefold tucked inside as a doubler. Top with a piece of fleece to wick the moisture away from his skin. I use the angel wing fold to give a layer of absorbency at the hips because my kid is a side sleeper, fasten with a snappi, and cover with a breathable handmade wool cover. I have literally never had one single leak with this set up and my son has never had one smidgen of diaper rash. Bonus - prefolds are very cheap and the wool covers are easy to make. They are pricey to buy but you only need a few because you can use them several times before washing.
Tanya Kelowna, BC We use BG's with the regular and newborn soaker in the pocket all the time. Adding the two together allows for my toddler to be dry, and not have any moisture on his poor little bum and keeps him 100% dry at night. We just make sure to change him after he wakes up in the morning, and he sleeps 12 hours.
Jennifer F. Idaho The best option that I found for my son is the fuzzi bunz one size diaper. The diaper comes with two inserts (one for the small setting and one for the med/lg settings) and I just stuff the diaper with both inserts. He is 18 months old and a heavy wetter (we have to use the special night time disposables when we use disposables at night while traveling to keep from leaking). I also used the perfect size fuzzi bunz with an insert and a microfiber towel, but this made it so bulky that the leg opeings gaped and leaked. I tried to solve the problem by putting a vinyl pull-on cover over which kept his clothes dry but kind of defeated the purpose of using the PUL diaper. That is why I switched to the one-size fuzzi bunz, and since you can adjust the leg elastics I haven't had this problem. I use prefolds and prorap covers during the day, so we only bought a few of the FBs for night-time use to cut down on costs.
Heidi Maxwell Bozeman, Montana Fleece Pocket Diapers. We like the Drybees Fleece Pockets stuffed with double microfiber inserts. A bit bulky, but it breathes AND keeps the wetness IN the diaper where it belongs.
Eve Austin We love Dream-eze. They are super-absorbent and not too bulky. When we're out of them we fall back on Bum Genius, and we've never had a leak with them. We use the sized ones rather than the one-size. Our baby tends to pee more when she's awake though, and for heavy wettings nothing beats a prefold and a Sweet Pea cover. They're inexpensive, 100% waterproof, one-sized and snap closure. I wish I'd had those covers from day-one, but alas they were just launched last month. I'm tempted to sell off the rest of my stash and just invest in a bunch of Sweet Pea covers. If you use wrap covers you don't need snappis, but they are helpful if you use slide-on covers. Just thought I'd put that out there as one more thing you don't really need to buy, and one less thing to mess with when diapering. What diaper rash cream you use can make a big difference in overnight wear. Zinc based creams are fine for bottoms, but can build up on cloth diapers and cause them to repel rather than absorb. Lanolin on the other hand is very soothing on little behinds, creates a protective barrier and doesn't mess up cloth diapers.
Stephanie M. Mesa, AZ USA We use a high quality bamboo fitted with a hemp doubler all covered with wool shorties. Wool was SO MUCH EASIER than I thought it would be and it is the only option that keeps our sheets dry at night.
Laura Gwatney Sarasota FL We use homemade contour diapers with fleece-lined contour inserts, and a doubler tucked in between. Put a little Grandma El's on her bum as a preventative barrier, and cover it all with a Polar Bummis fleece cover, and she's good to go the night- unless she poops!
Olivia Canada I use pocket diapers with 2 extra inserts for nighttime for my 2yr old. He is a very heavy wetter at night and this works 10x better than disposables!!
Chris Saskatoon, Sk Canada I use AMP Pocket diapers with 1 Green Acres Design Mircoterry insert and 2 Green Acre Design Hemp Inserts with a Bummis Super Whisper Cover and never have any leak issues and he drinks more before bed than any other time of day.
Heather Hicks Oregon For night time, my #1 recommendation is to use a SuperDo insert. For extra-heavywetters, a SuperDo with a Just-Hemp insert is a dream combo that is both trim and really absorbant. It lasted my own heavywetting toddler all night for about 12 hours.
Linda Klauck Southern California I use Fuzzibunz with one microfiber (the one that comes with the FB) and an extra insert (hemp-homemade or Joeybunz). I also use a Bumboo with a JamTots Hemp stuffer and a baby beehinds hemp fitted with a PUL cover. My LO is 3 months, so we have a ways to go, but it works so far! She sleeps 8 hours a night. I am thinking the wool longies/soakers + a baby beehinds hemp fitted will be our next try if she starts soaking through to the sheets. Sometimes I will put in a silk liner to prevent a rash.
Kristie Renton, WA Two things that have worked for us: *A double-layer fleece cover (we use Stacinator) over a prefold with some variety of doubler. * A pocket stuffed with a combo of hemp and microfiber (we use SuperDo inserts with a microfiber towel stuffed into the loop for extra absorbancy)
Anita Virginia My nighttime solution is the bumGenius 3.0 one size diaper. It holds my now 5 month old daughter's pee & poo (usually does the latter just before she wakes up.) all night. There have been a couple of occasions where she has been in her diaper for 10 hours at night... with no leaks! (I'm blessed with a daughter that likes to sleep thankfully.) I'm currently using the regular thick insert and I still have the newborn insert/doubler that I can add in the future, if necessary. Both inserts came with the diaper. Since the inner layer wicks moisture away, my daughter hasn't had any problems with diaper rash either. These diapers work tremendously better than the 2 brands of disposables that I tried originally. In my opinion, they are well worth the money.
Julie Leonard Gilbert, AZ Try different kinds and different doublers. I used bum genius at night with the infant insert in it to and that worked great for a very heavy wetter. I recently switched to grobaby with a doubler and that works great to. I have a heavy night wetter and struggled for a long time to find ANYTHING that worked. My suggestion is be open to trying all different brands for night time before you settle on one. try a couple. cant hurt to add to the stash anyway you can always use more during the day anyway. BUT when you find what works stick with it.
Becky Osoyoos, BC We have found that the Drybees Nighttime Fleece pocket diapers are THE BEST for us at night. Stuffed with two inserts, usually one microfibre & one hemp. It has a stay dry inner so his bum stays dry all night and the fleece outter allows it to be breatheable. 12 hours and always great!
Kristen MB, Canada Always add an extra liner & put it on right before bed so its for sure dry when they go 2 sleep :)
Bridgett MacCormac PEI Double up on the liners and make sure they are a snug fit. Don't get discouraged if your baby is wet. Always remember the money you're saving and less waste to the environment.
MieVee Malaysia From 6-9 months, my boy used Drybees Fleece Pocket Diapers with microfibre and hemp inserts. This solution has been shared on detail at my blog: From 9 months, he has been a super-heavywetter who sleeps on his tummy and side. I have changed the night-time cloth-diapering solution to: -1 GAD or Happy Hempys hemp fitted pocket diaper. -1 SuperDo insert. -Dancing Bears night-time fleece cover (shorts). This solution has kept him dry for 12 hours every night.
Liralen Texas Easy is best. Fitteds with snaps are best for newborn diapers because infants poo with nearly every feeding and so you will be changing the baby often. After about four months, I prefer prefolds under Mother-Ease Airflow cover or wool--Both are breathable and wash up well. After the child turns one, you may need to start using two prefolds and a thicker wool cover. After two and a half, I started checking at my bedtime and changing if wet. Also, to keep the ammonia smell down in the pail, I rinse all night time diapers before putting them in the pail.
Jennifer Washington I found that for my son who sleeps about 11 hours he needed a BIG fluffy diaper. I found that a fitted diaper such as Goodmama and a hemp insert laid under the diapers soaker with a cover like Wonder Wraps worked to keep him dry all night long.
Joy Gig Harbor, WA I use bumGenius 3.0 at night and use both inserts. My son isn't sleeping through the night yet (he's 4 months old and still needs his nightly "snack"). No leaks, and his little bum stays dry!
Jessica Seacoast NH We moved to a premium fitted diaper for nighttime use (hemp or cotton) with hemp doublers and wool covers. No leaks--even with co-sleeping and reverse cycling!
Jenney Ohio Keep trying! That is my biggest suggestion. What works for one baby might not work for another. What works for us is an AIO with a gDiaper insert (not their disposable ones, their hemp/microfiber ones). You can do it, just keep trying!
Libby RI my son is a SUPER HEAVY wetter b/c he nurses all night. We use a Rumparooz 2.0 with both 6r soakers plus a wrap (Wonderwrap, Thirsties or Mother-ease) plus a wool soaker or longies over that.
Denise P Connecticut I use BumGenius one size pockets stuffed with both the included insert and a Thirsties insert. A little bulky, but lets my little man sleep through the night
Ryan Columbus, OH We love bamboo fitteds or organic cotton velour with a hemp insert for night with a PUL cover. We use either BSRBs or Clovers with a Thirsties hemp insert and Thirsties covers. Baby S sleeps 12 hours in that set up!
Candace Edmond, OK STUFF STUFF STUFF that diaper! Our favorite night time diaper is simply a pocket AIO (BumGenius, FuzziBunz, Thirsties, etc.) double or triple stuffed! When baby is asleep, you don't need to worry about a super large fluffy butt, you simply need to worry about LEAK PROTECTION! A double stuffed Pocket AIO does the trick for us and will last 12-14 hours at night with no leaks! If you are using prefolds or fitteds, be sure to add some fleece doublers next to baby's skin to keep their bottom dry all night!
Erika For my toddler, I use a Bum Genius 3.0 or a Happy Heiny stuffed with a Bum Genius one sized insert and a Super-do. For my 4 year old day-time only potty trained daughter, I use a large sized Fuzzi Bunz stuffed with an EZ hemp insert and a BumGenius newborn insert. Both kids wake up dry in the morning with usually very heavy wet diapers. Both solutions look bulky, but they work for us!
Sophia Bay Area, CA We use Gro Baby AI2. I add a Gro Baby Booster to be on the safe side. My 8 month old daughter likes to have a bottle at midnight, so I change her diaper and put in a Booster as well. It works 90% of the time.
Paula Flint, MI My favorite diaper for overnight diapering is the BumGenius 3.0 pocket diaper. I use both the larger insert and the smaller insert together for overnight and haven't had a leak yet. The system seems to wick moisture away from baby's skin and trap it in the inserts. I find that what has led to cloth diapering success in our household is having a versatile diapering system, containing multiple styles of diapers. I have prefolds (more than one brand/type of cloth), a couple different kinds/styles of covers, a couple different brands of pocket diapers (usually one-size) and a couple different brands of all-in-ones. I also have a few different brands/styles of fitted diapers and contoured diapers, which require covers. When I was pregnant with our first child I bought trial packages from a few different online vendors, which is how I ended up with so many different styles of diapers. The versatility of our diapering system is really what has worked for us and kept us using cloth diapers, day and night, for both our children.
Cynthia CT It's simple! Prefold + insert + Thirsties cover. One year old and never a nightime leak with this system.


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